Stylish and Comfortable Sheer Tunics

Stylish and Comfortable Sheer Tunics

Tunics are considered a very popular and trendy casual wear outfit for women, but that is not how it started out. Tunics originated as the formal wear garb of men in Ancient Greece and Rome. Today, of course, they have evolved to become an extremely fashionable piece of clothing for women across the world, available in a million of styles and varieties to appeal to women of different tastes. One of the most popular varieties is the sheer tunic which is essentially a tunic that is translucent and sometimes, almost transparent.

Sheer tunics are most preferred pieces for summers. They ate distinguished by their light-weight feel and pretty look. They are preferred for casual and summer wear because of the fact that they are both comfortable and stylish. Many different materials can be used to make a sheer tunic top, from chiffon and georgette to tissue, net or a very thin viscose fabric. Any fabric with a translucent look can be used to achieve the sheer effect but fabrics like georgette and viscose are typically preferred because while they are thin, they are also strong and durable and hence enhance the quality of the sheer tunic. Fabrics like chiffon and georgette have the unique quality of being thin and body hugging, which means they can be used to create a beautiful silhouette for the wearer, while thin cotton and viscose are preferred to create bohemian and comfortable sheer tunics with a loose cut.

The look of a sheer tunic can be distinguished on the basis of a number of factors, such as the cut, silhouette, designs, and prints and, as mentioned above, the fabric. A popular type is the sheer tunic dress which tends to be quite long and can be worn with leggings or as a stand-alone dress, especially in casual and relaxed environments like the beach. Women can also find long sheer tunic tops of varying lengths, ranging from just below the hips to below the knees. The cuts of these makes them inappropriate to wear alone even if they are quite long and they are best paired with some type of trousers or leggings. The beauty of the long sheer tunic top is that it is extremely flattering for women with different body shapes and sizes. It highlights the best parts of a woman’s figures, because of the sheerness of the material, while at the same time the length and cut ensures that no unflattering angles are created.

Women can also choose from different types of necklines and sleeve lengths when it comes to the sheer tunic top. From a plunging v-neck tunic, which is designed to be worn on top of a camisole, tank top, swim suit or bikini, to a structured, well-fitted tunic cinched at the waist with a belt, the range of options in sheer tunics is vast. Other popular necklines include the boat neck, the u-neck and the key-hole neck. In terms of sleeves, kaftan sleeves which hang loose in beautiful pleats are very popular because of their relaxed and bohemian vibe. Sleeve-less and spaghetti straps designs are also preferred because of their essentially summery look and feel; however, slightly longer sleeve lengths can also be utilized in sheer tunics. The Indian versions of tunics, called kurtis or kurtas, often come with long, straight cut sleeves, as well as half sleeve or puff sleeve designs. Sheer materials are usually light and comfortable enough to be adapted into more voluminous designs, even in outfits intended for casual or summer wear.

Sheer tunics usually come in very bright summery shades, such as pastel blues and yellows or neon green and pink. White, tan or light pink sheer tunics are also immensely popular because of their delicate and feminine look. On the other hand, women also love the black, dark blue and purple sheer tunics for evening wear or parties. All these different tunics can come decorated with pretty ethnic prints, embroidered borders and subtly embellished necklines. Typically, colorful patterns of beads and sequins are displayed rather than heavier crystal or stones work.

Styling Sheer Tunics

Sheer tunics are a great way to stay comfortable and on trend in summer. This is why women love wearing them as part of their daily life and for informal parties and events where a laid back vibe is permitted in clothing. Sheer tunics are actually quite versatile and depending on how they are styled their look can be easily altered. For example, when worn over a brightly colored camisole and printed leggings, a white sheer tunic can become a part of the perfect summer party ensemble. The look can be finished with some beaded jewelry. A black sheer tunic with sequins work can be easily jazzed up with crystal earrings or a pearl necklace to create a classy evening wear look.