Sewing Techniques and Styles for Set-in Sleeves?

  • Set-in sleeve is a kind of set-in in the armhole of outfit located near the natural edge of the shoulder. It is a sleeve that is most commonly used in men’s shirts and women’s tops and tunics. It provides a professional and natural look and feel to the wearer.
  • This sleeve can either lay flat what he does in a man’s shirt or women’s tops and tunics or children wear, it can be gathered to pucker as well as surge above the garment at the shoulder.
  • The top of the sleeve appears is larger as compared to the armhole opening, whether it is a finished set-in sleeve lying flat or extensively gathered for a puffy appearance. All this makes easy for fitting the garment over the arm while facilitating the movement at the shoulder. How high the sleeve surges above the outfit is determined by the extent to which the top of the sleeve is larger.
  • Whatever be the case, the top of the sleeve is collected with stitches and used to pull the fabric into quite small as well as evenly distributed puckers thereby allowing the top of the sleeve for fitting exactly within the armhole opening. Since the stitches are made within the seam, they can hardly be seen on finished outfit.
  • Since the sleeve opening owes similarity to size of armhole opening, both of them are pinned together with petite puckers held tightly in place. After that, the armhole seam is stitched with careful attention paid for ensuring that the puckers do remain identical in size while the fabric doesn�t fold over itself that makes an unwanted, noticeable pucker or pleat on the outside of the armhole seam.
  • After finishing, the outfit is turned on the right side out and the set-in sleeve is pressed on the outside at the seam creating the finished look.
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