Sparkling Sequin Tunics

Sparkling Sequin Tunics

A sequin tunic is, as the name suggests, a top that is embellished with sequins. This garment falls into both, the western category of clothing, as well as indo-western as is widely popular. A sequin is a type of a bead shaped like a disc that is slightly shiny in nature. It is meant to catch the light and add a slightly glittering effect to the garment. Interestingly, the oldest use of sequins dates back to 2400 BC. Sequins made of gold were discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization, making this form of embellishment an ancient technique. Sequins were earlier made of different types of metals, both semi-precious and precious ones however now they are mostly made of plastic. Some sequin tunics have a small number of sequins used to create an interesting motif. These motifs can be abstract, geometrical or nature-based and are an interesting way to draw the eye towards certain areas of the garment. One the other hand, certain sequin tunic tops are completely covered in sequins, creating a glittering garment. When it comes to a sequin tunic dress, the latter style is used more often, creating a highly dramatic and bold effect. This style is often spotted on the red carpet as well.

When it comes to sequins, they are one of the most widely used garment accessories in the fashion industry. This is because they are so versatile and available in so many different forms and sizes that it makes it so much easier to incorporate them in different kinds of styles and genres of clothing. Their sizes can range from being as small as the head of a pin to as large as the nail on one’s thumb. They can be found in almost any color imaginable and look quite pretty once they catch and reflect the light. In order to enhance the way they function in terms of the light, at certain instances, sequins are only stitched halfway onto the clothes so that they have a slightly dangling effect and can heighten the way the light looks. A sequined tunic such as this may or may not have a lot of sequins stitched on. Some may only have sequin work around the collar while others may have a full body of work.

When it comes to tunics that incorporate a more ethnic look, the sequins are used to create the effect of embroidery. This is the perfect amalgamation of western aesthetics as well as Indian ones and creates a fantastic look. Sometimes, they are also accompanied with thread embroidery work in order to heighten the richness of the garment itself. One can find this in a whole host of styles and sizes, including a plus size sequin tunic for more curvaceous women. Another popular version of these kinds of tops is the gold sequin tunic. These have a slightly more glamorous appeal and are usually used for formal dinners as well as fun parties. They can either be tunics made of gold colored fabric with sequins on them or tunics made of any colored fabrics with gold colored sequins on them. Both are equally great to look at. Similarly, when looking for color specific garments or sequins, a red sequin tunic is also a fairly popular style to choose for one’s wardrobe. Depending on the style of the garment itself, it can be used for casual events as well as formal ones. As red is a bold and dramatic color, it really gets heightened once the sequins are added to the top.

Styling a sequin tunic

It is quite easy to style a sequin tunic since it can be both, a western garment as well as an indo western one. Due to this, women can choose from a whole host of options in terms of accessories as well as bottom wear. This allows them to create a new outfit virtually every time! For instance, a tunic paired with loose pants like palazzos is a great idea to create a look that is both, contemporary and young. It is also a remarkably comfortable outfit to wear across different moments of the day.

A sequin tunic paired with salwar pants can also really work and create a fun indo western look. It can also be paired with colorful leggings for a relaxed look that can be sported over the weekend while letting loose.