The Role of Sari Attire in Indian Culture and Celebrations

  • Saree attire : One of the most sensuous attire- the sari, adorns a woman to become modest and attractive in it. It is not cumbersome but a great antique that suits to any occasion. The great Indian women in different spheres of life, the rich and the poor admire and appreciate the style and strength of the sari.
  • Though saree attire is one of the oldest apparels, there is something mystical about the way one wraps, folds, tucks and drapes a seamless piece of cloth: creating a form from the formless. The sari blouse attire both conceals and reveals, depending on the weaver’s whim and conditioning. The versatile sari attire has its variety fashion in adorning in this
  • Society of India . The Style, texture varies from south to north and east to west in India .The latest trend in sari-blouses has become a style of added value to the wearer with a magnetic grace and attraction. Utsav Fashion gives you the sari catalog for online shopping of saree attire, sari attire,sari gallery with over 3000 designs available for girls and women for shopping online
  • The Sari resembles as a canvas to the weaver, the block printer, the textile designer or the mill hand. A hand woven sari is the most organic attire one can wear. When you wear that hand-woven sari, you are paying your tribute to our craft persons who have stubbornly struck to the skills and traditions thousands of years old. It is too easy to look to modernity and risk losing one�s poetry. Thus sari is not just attire but it embodies the warp and weft of life itself. The essential simplicity of the sari�an untailored length of cloth measuring between four and nine meters long by approximately one meter wide�is set against a wonderful variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and draping styles. It displays the rich diverse regional traditions of color, pattern, and weave. The etymology (origin) of the word sari is from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’, which means strip of cloth. This evolved into the Prakrit ‘sadi’ and was later anglicized into sari.
  • The sari never loses its appeal for women of all ages and means and it is Sari For All Seasons.
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