Gorgeous Three Quarter Sleeve Tops

Gorgeous Three Quarter Sleeve Tops

One of the most comfortable types of sleeves is the three quarter sleeve. It ends just below the elbow, so the wearer does not have to keep pushing up fabric to get their hands free. Therefore, it does not get in the way when performing tasks that require extensive use of the hands. At the same time, this length covers a decent portion of the arm. For those who want a warm piece of clothing in winter months, or for those who prefer a more modest cut, 3 quarter sleeve tops are a great choice.

Many prefer quarter sleeve tops for their aesthetic appeal rather than their practical or functional benefits. It is quite a flattering type of sleeve, combining modesty with elegance and style. Unlike full sleeve tops, which can be stuffy and uncomfortable, quarter sleeve tops are quite comfortable and also look very stylish. Though most people associate three quarter sleeves with a formal aesthetic, they are in fact quite versatile and can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. They are therefore used to make all types of garments, including tops, tunics, blouses and dresses.

There are many varieties of three quarter sleeve tunic tops which come with Indian designs. Though this sleeve length is not one traditionally used in India, it has nevertheless become a staple part of modern Indian fashion. Though the full sleeve design is the one typically used in Indian tunics and kurtas, Indian women as well designers have really taken to the quarter sleeve tunic, because of its effortless amalgamation of a modest design with a beautiful aesthetic. Today, it is one of the most commonly seen types of sleeves in various Indian tops, tunics and dresses.

Three quarter length sleeve tunics can be of all types. Cotton and linen are the fabrics most commonly used to make the casual or daily wear varieties, while the fancy, evening wear varieties are typically made with finer fabrics such as silk, chiffon, georgette, satin and even brocade or velvet. The use of heavy materials is generally avoided with most tunics with sleeves shorter or longer than three fourth length. This is because such fabrics don’t really match the casual vibe of short sleeves. Even with full sleeve tunics, heavy brocade materials are avoided as the resulting outfit is often too weighty, uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear. However, a sumptuous, richly decorated material is frequently used to create the formal varieties of the three quarter sleeve tunic dress. Three fourth sleeves are just long enough to be formal, and just short enough to be comfortable.

Typically, the designs and patterns on quarter sleeve tunics are concentrated along the border areas. A thick border along the sleeves nicely draws attention to the elegant sleeve design. Similar motifs can be displayed along the edge of the tunic and around the neckline. These designs can be made of many different types of traditional techniques from India. In embroidery, these include zari, resham, aari and kota doria. In terms of embellishments, cut dana, gota patti and mirror work borders are the most popular. The more casual tunics are made with plain fabrics, sometimes with a little amount of detailing around the neck. Alternatively, bright prints, either machine or handmade, can be used to brighten up the outfit and give it a little ethnic pizzazz. Some trending prints today include Kalamkari, Warli, Ikat and Sanganeri. Many of the typical Indian prints are traditionally meant to be produced by hand, using methods such as wood block printing or painting; however, the cheaper technique of machine printing is now used to produce most such designs in order to reduce the cost. Many women prefer to only get quarter sleeve tops with hand printed or painted work. There is no doubt that though such garments are more expensive, they are also more beautiful and authentic.

Varieties of Three Quarter Sleeve Tops

3 quarter sleeve tops are wardrobe staples. They are classic items that have remained fashionable irrespective of transient trends. However, the specific varieties that are popular at any given moment would depend on the current trends. For instance, ethnic prints and designs are extremely trendy right now, which is why one can find a lot of Indian style quarter sleeve tops being worn even in western countries.

Styling these garments is all about highlighting the elegance of the three fourth sleeve cut. Sometimes, all that is needed is a simple watch or bracelet. It is generally best to avoid chunky bangles which will look odd, especially if they overlap with the material of the sleeve. Instead, rings, earrings and necklaces can be worn. Women should choose accessories which match the style of the tunic. Ethnic printed tunics look great with wooden jewelry, oxidized silver necklaces and beaded earrings, while fancy silk tunics pair well with gold jewelry, gemstone pendants and dangling earrings.