Patiala Salwar Suits For Punjabi Look

Patiala Salwar Suits For Punjabi Look

Punjabi Salwar Suit is a traditional garment worn by women in the Punjab region of India, after which it is named. These popular Punjabi dresses are also called salwar kameez and are amongst the most commonly worn Indian clothes for women of all ages.

Origins of this dress can be traced to the Mughal era, when the invading Mughals introduced them to the Indian public; over the years, the design evolved into its present day form.

Today it is a beloved fashion garment across the Indian subcontinent, perhaps due to its inherent comfort and versatility.

Traditional Punjabi salwar kameez consist of three distinct pieces. The kameez, or kurta, is the top piece, generally long-sleeved and knee-length with side seams that are cut to be open below the navel. The salwar or patiala is a loose, comfortable set of pants with a wide and ballooning shape at the top which tapers down at the bottom.

fuschia-punjabi-salwar-kameez high-neck-kameez punjabi-suit

A distinctive feature of the salwar is the pleating at the waist and the use of the drawstring which can be adjusted to fit as per personalized levels of comfort. Usually this combination is incomplete without a long scarf called the dupatta or odhani, worn folded over the shoulders. It can also be worn around the neck or over the head, as per individual tastes.

Punjabi salwar suit designs

Within this basic overall pattern or cut, many different Punjabi suit designs and styles are available to choose from.

For instance, the round neck or v neck designs are the traditional favorites but nowadays you’ll find all types of necklines including keyhole, sweetheart, collar, halter neck and much more. Indian Punjabi suits usually come in vibrant and eye-catching colors, with beautiful decorations embroidered or printed in contrasting shades.


Punjabi salwar kameez designs frequently incorporate beautiful hand crafted embroidered patterns like Phulkari and Resham as well as ethnic motifs like mangoes (paisley), flowers, fruits, birds and leaves.

An attractive feature of this outfit is that you will find variations for many different occasions. The glamorous, zari-embroidered silk salwar kameez are perfect for grand weddings and parties, while cotton printed Indian Punjabi suits are casual wear wardrobe staples for many fashion conscious women.

While the classic Punjabi suits design typically includes the salwar as the bottom wear item, churidar or parallel trouser pants are interesting ethnic variations which also pair well with Punjabi style kameez.

Trends of Punjabi Salwar Suits

Punjabi salwars have been popular with Indian women for many centuries, but of late, they have caught the attention of designers and international celebrities as well.

This is why these comfortable, easy to wear Indian outfits come in infinite varieties and styles which incorporate both traditional and modern elements.

Today, you’ll find a Punjabi suit in a boutique owned by a high-end designer as well as in a bargain market or budget shop. Modern Punjabi suit designs include the daringly cut halter-neck or sleeveless kameez which are frequently seen on television and movies and have become party wear favorites.

Style your suit the way you want

Punjabi designer suits are usually one of a kind with rich embellishments and elegant cuts, which make them the top pick of brides who want to embrace traditional styles without giving up on modern silhouettes and fit.

You’ll find a lot of interesting patterns and embellishments in designer Punjabi suits, with fashion designers looking to the rich heritage of Indian artisanal crafts, textiles and techniques to find inspiration.

Bright colors are a given with this type of dress but latest Punjabi suits take it a step further by utilizing neon pinks, blues, yellows and greens which are so in fashion right now. A Punjabi salwar can be styled in many ways depending on the occasion and your personal tastes.

Accessorize it right

The dressy, glitzy wedding salwars with glittering gold thread designs and stone embellishments should be matched with appropriate Indian jewelry like Pearl, Kundan necklaces or Polki earrings.

Gold jewelry sets add a beautiful traditional vibe to most Punjabi suits and are highly appropriate for weddings, festivals and ceremonies. However, unconventional jewelry like terracotta necklaces or oxidized necklace sets match well with a latest Punjabi suit design, creating a casual yet trendy look.

clutch earrings mojaris

For every day wear, a printed cotton handbag or embroidered tote with Indian motifs can be paired with Punjabi suits. Embroidered clutches  and mojaris with matching colors and designs are the best choice when it comes to accessorizing salwar suits for formal occasions.

Indian accessories which enhance the beauty of the outfit by complementing the colors and designs are much better choices than loud pieces which clash with the over-all look. A Punjabi suit forms an integral part of not only the day-to-day wear, but is also apt for parties, weddings, festivals and various other occasions.

It is a user-friendly garment suitable for all seasons and all occasions. It is an indispensable garment and of course, a must have for all women wardrobes.