Why Patola Sarees Are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion?

Why Patola Sarees Are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion?

Regarding conventional Indian attire, sarees are certainly one of the most extravagant and timeless choices. However, like every other clothing option, sarees have grades and qualities. Patola sarees are the ideal choice if you seek a beautiful saree that exudes intricacy, class, and luxury.

Patola sarees have been popular recently and are the perfect choice for an occasion because of several outstanding qualities. These qualities include their stunning craftsmanship, intricate designs, and vibrant colors.

This article will explore why Patola sarees are an excellent choice for any occasion, whether a wedding, festival or formal event, from their background and cultural significance to their unique features, styling options and where they can be purchased. This article will explain all of these aspects of Patola sarees which will help you understand why they deserve a special place in your wardrobe. So, let’s dive in and discover the charm of Patola sarees!

History and Background of Patola Sarees

Patola Sarees was first mentioned almost nine centuries ago in Narasimha Purana-a South Indian religious text. The text talked about this beautiful fabric being put on by women during holy ceremonies. Patola stands for and can also be called the “Queen of Silks.” It implies that it is a dual ikat woven sari, usually made from silk.

Speculations have it that Patola sarees originated from Patan, Gujarat, India. Patola silk saree is very pricey and has been known to be once worn only by members of noble and royal families. The patola print sarees are one of the best variety’s handloom silk saree from Gujarat.

The saree is made of two types of silk, the patola and the kosa, which are woven together. This process results in an extremely light, comfortable saree yet strong and durable. Patola silk sarees come in popular designs like stripes, geometric patterns, and floral designs. The colors in patola silk sarees are usually very bright and vibrant, making them perfect for special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

Master weavers weave patola sarees on a special type of silk called ‘Patala Silk.’ Patolas provide great clarity and accuracy as they feature highly fragile patterns that make them well-known worldwide for their beauty and charm!

Patolas are manufactured using a resist-dyeing process. This process uses a warp and weft technique for manufacturing. It usually takes three active people about three to seven months to weave a patola, making it expensive and time-consuming.

Why Patola Sarees Are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion?

Patola Sarees are the perfect choice for any occasion because there are multiple events and occasions where you can wear them. These occasions include;

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Religious festivals, e.g., Diwali, Durga Puja, etc
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries and graduation ceremonies, etc.

The Patola silk saree is a versatile attire that can be styled in different ways to make you look unique, enhance your curves, and stand out. Below are tips on how to look elegant in your patola print saree.

Choose a Blend of Colors That Makes You Stand Out

Patola saree comes in different colors, such as Ombre, Maroon, pink, blue, yellow, gray, gold, etc.

You must pick a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color. A bright color patola saree will add volume to your look. In contrast, a calm blend of colors represents a focused attitude while maintaining a trendy look. Either way, A good color blend of your patola saree will positively affect another individual’s impressions and acceptance of you. Examples of a good color blend include a mix of pink and blue, black and gold, Maroon and White, etc.

Select the Right Design

There are a plethora of Patola designer sarees. They come in different designs and styles suitable for every body size. Choose a captivating, eye-catching, thrilly design print to maximize this fabric’s full potential. Selecting a Patola print design that suits your body type is important. For example, a short woman may opt for small prints or vertical designs, while a taller woman can choose a patola saree with bold and large prints.

Pick the Right Accessories

Generally, accessories complement your look. However, the intricacy and high-class vibe of the Patan patola silk saree need an identical superior set of jewelry. Your accessories should depend on the type of patola saree you are wearing.

Traditionally a jewelry set made up of necklaces, earrings, bangles, maang-tikkas, and anklets is an ideal pairing that will complement your look. Usually, Gold jewelry best suits the luxurious sheen of the patola saree. It brings out the beauty of the multi-hued designs.

Choose Your Patola Saree According to the Occasion

Different Patola saree designs are suitable for different occasions. For example, an embroidered parole saree with sophisticated designs is ideal for a wedding. In contrast, a simple patola pure cotton saree with lesser designs is appropriate for a casual outing.

Where to Buy Patola Sarees?

You can shop your Patola sarees online and in walk-in shops from various saree fabric vendors. You can filter and pick from many patola saree designs, colors, styles, theme patterns, and packs. However, when shopping for your patola sarees online, read reviews from previous clients to gain insight into the store you are buying from. Most saree stores sell a lesser quality saree at the cost of a higher quality patola print saree. Importantly, when buying a saree, ensure the color has stayed the same, and it should weigh at most 500 grams. Also, check for no iota of coarseness to the material as it reflects it is of lesser quality.


In conclusion, Patola sarees are timeless and versatile garments that women have treasured for centuries. Patola sarees can elevate any outfit and make women feel elegant and confident with their intricate designs, bold colors, and high-quality silk material. Whether a formal event or a casual occasion, Patola sarees are the perfect choice for any woman who wants to stand out and make a statement with her attire. So, if you want to purchase a saree to make you feel beautiful and confident, consider choosing a Patola saree for your next special occasion.