Tunic Tops & Dresses: Your BFFS For Evening Hangouts

Tunic Tops & Dresses: Your BFFS For Evening Hangouts

Tunic tops are seen everywhere today, from high fashion designer collections to street stalls. The demand for this versatile piece of clothing has increased tremendously and consequently, there are many new and trendy styles and designs in tunic tops for women available in the market.

Women’s tunic tops are so comfortable, versatile and stylish that women of all ages can be seen wearing them for a variety of occasions. It is a common misconception that a women’s tunic top is only appropriate for daily wear or for young people. While it is definitely true that they are extremely comfortable, they can be dressed up easily enough for any special occasion.

Indowestern look

Blue Tunic Top With Jeans

For many women, tunic tops are part of modern fashion, but in fact they have been around for many centuries. First worn by the Greeks, tunics were initially meant for men rather than women. Over time the design evolved and women began wearing them as well. Today, of course, tunic tops are a predominantly female piece of clothing. The exception is the Indian version of the tunic, called kurta. Kurtas are worn by men and women, though the designs for men are quite different in terms of silhouette and cut.

Both Indian and Western-style lady’s tunic tops come in a dizzying range of colors, designs and patterns today. This includes different types of cuts, silhouettes and patterns as well as a variety of fabrics and embroidery. For instance, the top can fall anywhere between the hips and the knees.

georgette-readymade-tunic readymade-dhoti-style-tunic yellow-tunic

Shorter tops are often paired up with jeans while the long tunic tops are worn with leggings or tights. The cut can be straight cut, a-line or defined at the

waist. Some of the tunic tops for leggings are designed specifically to cinch at the waist with a belt, creating a stylish and smart look for the wearer. The Indian tunic tops or kurtas often have the Anarkali cut, fitted to the waist and then flowing out in an umbrella shape.

The sleeve length and neckline also varies a lot, depending on the style of the tunic top. From deep-cut v-necks to high collar necks, chic key-hole necks to buttoned plackets, there are a lot of options for women. Usually, the party tops for women have bolder necklines and may even have a deep-back design. For summer, sleeve-less and spaghetti tops are very popular while for winter, full-sleeve, turtle-neck tunic tops are all the rage.

A lot of different fabrics are used to make tunic tops, including cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe and rayon. These can be printed, embroidered, embellished or may even be plain; there is something for every occasion and weather. For instance, printed cotton tunic tops with loud and vibrant floral designs are extremely popular for daily wear in summers.

Tunic dresses

tunic-dress green-tunic-dress

Silk and chiffon tunic dresses exude elegance, making them perfect for formal occasions and parties. For office wear, crepe tunics are ideal as they maintain a wrinkle-free look throughout the day. Indian and Indo-Western tunics showcase intricate designs crafted with Zari (gold or silver thread), Resham (silk thread), and beadwork. Some designer sarees even feature dazzling crystal and sequin embellishments, adding a touch of sparkle to your ensemble.

One of the most appealing things about tunic-style women’s dresses is that they are flattering for all kinds of body shapes. Curvier women will find a tremendous range of choices in the plus size tunic tops category, all designed to specifically fit and flatter voluptuous figures.

How to Wear Tunic Tops?

Style tunic tops in multiple ways. Your tunic is definitely the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. It has the power to complement every kind of body type. So whether you are a size zero or curvaceous beauty flaunt your tunic in the most classiest classy way. Here are they:

  • For a smart, casual look, pair your long tunic top with a pair of leggings. It’s a perfect combo for an evening out with your besties.
  • Looking for a trendy attire? Slip on your tunic top with your favorite jeans. This is a classic we all love when we seek comfort and chic.

Style tips


The idea of pairing tunic tops with leggings, which was once considered quite trendy and unique, has today become common enough to be considered a wardrobe staple. However, tunics can also be paired up with jeans or normal trousers, as well as shorts and Indian-style pajamas or salwar kameez, creating a diverse range of stylish and comfortable outfits. The latest trend is to pair them up with skirts to create a laid-back and bohemian vibe.

The best part about tunic tops is that they can easily be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion and hence can be used and re-used with ease. For instance, a white tunic top is an excellent investment for summer. During the day it can be paired up with colorful beaded designer jewelry and Indian jutis to create a funky, Indo-Western effect.

In the evening, the look can be transformed by adding some chunky gold jewelry, a sequin clutch and high heels. Another highly versatile piece of clothing is the black tunic top which can be paired up with leggings with bright, printed patterns to create a visually dramatic look. Since black is a naturally slimming and somewhat formal color, it can also be paired up with pretty pearl jewelry for a classy evening dinner.