Wedding Attires for Brides in Pakistan

Wedding Attires for Brides in Pakistan

A wedding is a day a couple never wants to forget and the wedding clothes are on the top of the list in importance. For people of Pakistani heritage, finding beautiful pakistani dresses is both a delight and a joy considering the wide variety of styles, colors and designs available.

However, you don’t have to be from Pakistan to choose to use pakistani wedding clothes, and many women are making that choice because they are looking for a unique, ethnic look for their special day.

Marked for Unique Colors & Prints

Pakistani dresses are known for their vibrant colors and breathtaking embellishments. While American weddings usually include a white wedding dress, Pakistani wedding clothes utilize an array of colors.

Some of the more popular colors for pakistani dresses, or Lehenga, are bright blues, scarlet reds, golds, greens and purples. Most pakistani dresses you will see online will combine colors and fabrics together in a very eye-catching way.

You may see a dress with a gold foundation and vibrant oranges adornments. Or perhaps olive green and burnt sienna are the color choice that suits the bride best.

The color of the fabric is not the only thing to think about when picking out pakistani dresses. Pakistani wedding clothes are known for their embellishments. Many brides want to sparkle and shine on their wedding day, and these dresses make it all possible.

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Styles and designs range from simple to complex, and from quiet to loud in regard to ornaments. Sequins, beads, lace and complex embroideries make pakistani dresses breathtakingly beautiful. Metallic threading and beads will make the bride look like the princess she is. Sparkling jewels dashed here and there, or placed strategically in a lovely pattern can transform a dress into a dream come true.

When picking out pakistani wedding clothes, and especially when selecting the wedding dress, shop for colors and styles that particularly accent the bride’s own features.

Skin tone and shade should be considered when looking at colors. Body shape should also be considered. Some pakistani dresses are form-fitting and have somewhat of a corset look to them. Others are more loosely-fitting and would be more appropriate for the more full-figured bride.


The bride isn’t the only one who needs to find pakistani wedding clothes. There is a variety of beautiful dresses and outfits for those attending the wedding as guests. Whether the wedding is casual or more formal, in winter or in spring, there are many options when shopping online for wedding wear.

Remember that in Pakistani weddings, it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear a pants suit and they usually are worn with a lovely, flowing tunic-like long dress on top.

Pakistani wedding clothes do not have to be overly expensive. Some online stores can provide the clothing at wholesale costs. Bear in mind that the typical bride will pay anywhere from $500 to $5000 or more on their wedding dress. Shop for deals but do not compromise on quality. In India and Pakistan, weddings are filled with color and vibrance. Shop for Pakistani wedding clothes and make special day bright and colorful as well.