Net Sarees For Sheer Grace

Net Sarees For Sheer Grace

In recent years, ethnic fashion has become something of a world-wide trend, with designers and celebrities around the world embracing the beauty and elegance of various Indian clothes. This influence works the other way as well, with many global trends and fashions making their presence felt in the world of ethnic clothing. One such ethnic innovations that has won the hearts of saree lovers in India and abroad is the net sari.

Unlike the typical silk or cotton sarees, net sarees are made of the see-through net material which gives them a unique look and feel. Net, which is a fabric in which the yarns are knotted at the intersections to create a pattern of tiny holes in the fabric, is not really an Indian textile but was introduced in India by western traders.

Initially, it was solely used for creating veils, or at the most, dupattas, but eventually designers began to realize the potential of this fabric for other garments. Designer net sarees are thus a more modern garment but still retain the beauty and grace of the traditional saree drape.

Gauze-like textures


The main attraction of net sarees is their unique, diaphanous texture that makes them completely see through. With most garments, the net is layered over some other fabrics as it is too thin to be a stand-alone covering. However, with sarees, this is not really necessary since the saree itself is worn over a blouse and a petticoat.

Typically a net saree will have a pallu made only of net, while the lower skirt-like part with pleats is made of satin, silk or some other luxury material. This creates a very subtly sensuous look for the wearer without being vulgar in any way.

black-embroidered-net-saree red-net-saree

Net sarees come in a lot of different colors and design variations. This can depend on the weave of the textile, the dyes used for the yarn, as well as the embroidery or ornamentation on it. Super net sarees have a very fine and detailed weave with extremely small openings, and this adds some amount of opacity to the saree.

They also tend to have delicate embroidered design and some amount of embellishments to enhance the look. In terms of colors, the bold looking red net saree seems to have the greatest popularity, though there are many other colors available such as green, blue, purple and yellow.

Unique for thick embroidered borders

No matter what the color, net saree designs almost always have some kind of large border attached to them, typically sporting detailed embroidery, zari work, lace work, cut dana work or crystal beads work. This creates a definition and structure for the net saree that prevents it from being too light-weight and wispy. In fact it is the thin and breezy nature of the net fabric that makes this saree a reasonably comfortable choice, especially amongst the other ornate and heavy designer sarees.

Shimmer Net Saree

Combination net sarees often use the transparent net fabric to highlight a luxurious fabric in the blouse or the lower part of the saree. Thus richly embroidered textiles like silk brocades and Chikankari silk are often used in combination with net to create the perfect balance between opulent and elegant.

For the same reason, the blouse is a crucial aspect of any net saree look. This is why when women purchase a net saree online they will almost always find a suggested blouse to go with it; if not, they should definitely take the time to browse and select something spectacular. The net saree blouse is often quite rich and ornate to off-set the thin and sparsely decorated net fabric.

Style tips

Net sarees are hugely popular right now, especially with Bollywood actresses and designers. This red carpet favorite look is mainly loved because net is a fabric that can look elegant, glamorous and sensual at the same time. Of course, a lot of the final effect is dependent on the styling done, including jewelry, make-up and accessories. Most importantly, the blouse designs for net sarees can make or break the look.

white-sea-green-net-sareesilver-earrings green-stone-studded-ring

The options are varied as a number of blouse patterns look good when paired up with net sarees. Thick and heavy Banarasi brocade blouses add a touch of ornate glamour and pair well with sarees adorned with large zari borders. On the other end of the scale, a monotone blouse with glittering gold sequins can bring in a glitzy vibe for parties and special occasions like weddings and will pair well with a simple white net saree. Many of the designer blouses for net sarees also have bolder cuts like a sleeve-less design or a backless pattern.

In terms of jewelry, it is best to avoid heavy jewelry. Instead, pick classy and elegant jewelry that matches the delicacy of the net material, such as pearl jewelry, dangling earrings, gold nose-rings, simple gold pendants etc.