What Type of Dress You Should Wear as a Groom?

What Type of Dress You Should Wear as a Groom?

Importance of Ethnic Wear in Indian-Style Wedding

Men’s suits for weddings are one of the most elaborate forms of attire designed for men in India. While regular Indian ethnic clothing for men is slightly more subtle than the ones designed for women, similar garments for weddings are extremely intricate and stylishly designed, with a plethora of embroidery or prints available for people to choose from. Furthermore, Indian wedding dresses for men also differ in design when it comes to their intended usage.

Garments for guests at weddings are meant to be quite opulent; however, it is the garments designed for the grooms that really represent the kind of beauty and expertise in design that should be expected from this kind of clothing. Depending on the ceremony, there are different kinds of garments that can be worn by men.

Wedding clothes designed for comparatively informal events such as the sangeet, also known as the cocktail ceremony, where guests and family members usually spend the evening dancing, are much lighter, albeit equally elaborate, in comparison with the kinds of outfits that can be worn on the actual wedding day.


Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Beige Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Golden Plain Art Silk Sherwani in Navy Blue

The most commonly worn garment on different occasions is the sherwani. The sherwani comprises a long kurta that reaches to the knees or just beyond the knees. This is paired with churidar pants that are tied across the waist with the help of a drawstring.

Sometimes, there is a matching stole that accompanies this outfit however that is usually quite rare. Contemporary grooms are more likely to combine vests or embroidered vests with their sherwanis to create a stylish and modern approach to this traditional garment.

Depending on the region where the wedding is taking place, there are different garments that can be worn by grooms, as cultural norms across India tend to dictate nuances in wedding fashion. For instance, in Rajasthan, one of the most popular groomsmen’s outfits is the famous Angrakha, which is a kind of robe like a garment that dates back to the Rajput period.

Kurta Pajama

It comes with a misaligned opening that ties in front to create an interesting visual appeal. This is also paired with churidar pants. One of the most popular forms of embroidery that is carried out on this garment is the traditional Gamthee embroidery which is the native style of Rajasthan, along with mirror work and Bandhej. Similarly, in Punjab, the most common Indian wedding dress for men is the kurta pajama, which is a form of clothing that originates from this region.

Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar in Green Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Churidar in Royal Blue Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Set in Brown

On the other hand, in south Indian states or weddings, men tend to wear the traditional veshti, which is a style of dhoti that originates from states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala; it usually leaves their chest bare, though a thick zari border shawl is often worn over the shoulders to complete the look. Thus, when it comes to variations in style and designs, Indian wedding outfits for men have it all.

One of the latest styles that are considered to be the height of edgy and contemporary fashion is the popular jalabia, which consists of an inner free-flowing tunic that reaches the ankles and a heavily embroidered jacket on top of this.

This garment represents modernity at its height when it comes to the designer wedding outfit. Men are seen in this garment not only at the posh weddings in the world but also on the runway during some of the most lauded fashion events in the country. This has made this garment receive a ton of worldwide praise and appreciation.

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Ways To Style Your Look

When it comes to weddings and styling men, wedding clothes are certainly not the end-all and be-all of the whole ballgame. Choosing Indian wedding accessories for men wisely is just as important as getting the outfits right as these accessories create the entire ensemble and really contribute to the way the entire outfit looks when worn. One of the most common and traditional wedding accessories for men comes in the form of the shehera or turban which is worn by the groom during the wedding ceremony itself.

It is a kind of turban that has flowers dangling from it in a way that hides the face of the groom while the ceremony is taking place. Guests and close members of the family usually wear a pink turban as a sign of respect on the main wedding day as well, though these are generally quite plain and not embroidered at all. Contemporary versions of the turban, however, include printed ones as well.

Along with their Indian wedding dresses, men can also wear Indian shoes such as juttis or mojaris to set off the entire look. In other cases, for men, wedding accessories range from watches to jewelry for men.