Appeal of Indo Western Sherwani

Appeal of Indo Western Sherwani

The sherwani is a traditional ethnic garment for men worn across the Indian subcontinent by men from different cultures, religions, and regions. The sherwani was first designed as an amalgamation of the British frock dress and Indian kurta pajama; though today it has evolved to become an instantly recognizable and fashionable garment in India. It is known for its rich and ornate look and is largely preferred for special occasions like weddings, ceremonies, festivals, etc.

High fashion designers have really latched on to this one garment and re-invented it in a lot of different ways to make it appeal to the modern man. The Indo western sherwani for instance, is one of the most popular types of sherwanis in the market today, much loved and appreciated by the younger generation of men who don’t want to give up on their comfort and sophisticated modernity when dressing in ethnic fashions.

Though we think of the Indo western sherwani for men as a modern innovation, it actually has its roots in the garments worn by Indian politicians during the freedom movement. Politicians like Jinnah and Nehru often wore stylish coat-style kurtas that closely resembled sherwanis, though they were in more simple and subtle colors than the ornate sherwanis worn by Maharajas and nobles. Indo-western sherwani designs today closely resemble those mid-century styles, incorporating a more stylish Western fit and a muted range of colors. Essentially, Indo-western sherwanis add a touch of Western design in the form of a smarter silhouette, simpler designs, button openings or any other modern modification to the traditional sherwani. They may also reduce the number of layers in the outfit (thus, it does not have to be worn with a men’s kurta as is traditionally expected) or add some kind of western vest or stole to complete the look. The latest Indo western sherwani might even incorporate stylish necklines such as an open collar, collar v-neck, or high neck along with the coat-like button opening down the torso.

However, though these outfits are available in designs that can be worn for office events, formal meetings and other day-to-day activities, many of them are also designed to be worn for special occasions like weddings and festivals. Indo-western sherwanis for wedding occasions are amongst the most ornate looking, though the designs might be more influenced by Western rather than Indian culture. Borders can be decorated with stones, sequins and crystals work and the same can also be used to make subtle designs across the sherwani. An Indo western sherwani for grooms will understandably be the most elegant and ornate to look at and may even incorporate a bit of Indian work such as zari, zardozi, cut dana or gota patti work. However, the designs made are usually more simple and western in their appearance, including waves, lines, dots and shapes.

Even though Indo-western sherwanis are preferred for their stylish and modern look, when it comes to weddings, men usually prefer going for something that also incorporates a traditional element. This is why many men pair up the Indo western sherwani with dhoti or dhoti pants to create a more classic, traditional look. These dhotis are often designed to match with the sherwani, in order to create a harmonious outfit that blends tradition with modernity perfectly.

Indo-western sherwanis come in a wide range of colors, including both traditional and unconventional shades. From deep reds and dramatic blacks to sober grey and classic beige, men can find a plethora of interesting color choices. They will also find Indo western sherwanis in brighter shades like green, yellow, purple and orange as well as muted shades of white, silver, and gold. The addition of colors adds an element of ethnic charm to the outfit which is balanced by the smart and sophisticated fit of the Indo western sherwani.

Styling and Trends of Indo-Western Sherwani

Indo western sherwanis have become extremely stylish amongst men today, not just for weddings, but also for other special occasions and formal events. They are frequently featured in designer collections and have even been worn by stylish Bollywood actors on the red carpet and in their movies. This has further enhanced their appeal to the public. Men today often choose to go for a funky fusion look for ethnic events, by pairing up a designer sherwani with a silk dhoti and colorful mojaris.

Men who want a simpler look can pair up their wedding Indo western sherwani with Indian pants like salwars, churidars, or pajamas or with western-style trousers. The pants should be smartly cut and made of a luxurious material in a complementary shade in order to blend in well with the outfit. The look can be completed with a pair of leather jutis and a crepe men’s dupatta.