Maternity Tunics, Kurtas and Dresses

Maternity Tunics, Kurtas and Dresses

Pregnancy is an exciting, life-changing time in the life of any woman, one which is full of a lot of beautiful moments. This time of transition is marked by many changes in the body and this can severely affect the wardrobe choices for a woman. Women who adore Indian fashion have countless choices. They may opt for maternity tunics, kurtas or dresses for a complete comfort.


However, with the emergence of the maternity top as a well-stocked, varied category in fashion, women now have a wonderful range of maternity fashions to choose from. The most appealing are maternity tops from India which are the most comfortable and attractive choices for pregnant women. Kurtas are the favorite ethnic garment to be adapted into cute maternity tops since they are comfortable and colorful while also being stylish.

The main thing women look for maternity tops is comfort. Kurtas have the advantage here because of their loose, flowing structure. Essentially these are Indian style tunics with certain distinguishing characteristics like the straight lines, slits at the side below the waist and typically long length.

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Moreover, these can be worn at different stages of the pregnancy since they are meant to be loose anyway so they do not look odd even in the early months. This also means that these tops can be easily worn later; many women hold on to their comfortable maternity kurtas and wear them as part of their regular wardrobe.

Another exciting aspect of a kurta is the fantastic variations in designs, prints and colors available. The bright and multi-hued Indian palette is perfect for pregnant women as it beautifully expresses the ‘new spring’ of the new life which the woman is carrying inside her.

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Indian clothes frequently come with nature-inspired prints like flowers, vines, trees, fruits and birds which allow women to express their sense of style easily. You’ll even find dressy maternity tops which incorporate slightly more formal necklines like the collar and button down placket. These come with pretty prints and embroideries to create a fancy vibe without unnecessarily heavy embellishments.

Cotton Kurta

Cotton is a much-loved Indian fabric which offers a lot of breathability and comfort while also being stylish and light-weight. Cotton kurtas are cheap maternity tops, since cotton is a relatively low cost fabric, which beautifully drape a woman’s figure without being tight and uncomfortable. It can also be used to make novelty maternity tops with loud, bold prints of figures, tie and dye designs and effusive tribal prints like Batik, Madhubani and Warli. Cotton knit tunics and kurtas offer a high level of stretchability and are also popular choices while light-weight fabrics like silk, chiffon and net are also widely used to make more fancy maternity tops.

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Many larger women prefer to buy plus size maternity tops so that they can be as comfortable as possible. The best part of these is that they are not the shapeless, unflattering garments one might expect. Actually plus size kurtas are specifically designed to accommodate different contours in a flattering, well-fitted way. Some of the classic styles which women prefer to sport during this crucial period are the long sleeve maternity tops and long maternity tops, with loose v-necks.

While these styles are universally flattering, there is no need to give up on experimentation with different necklines and patterns simply because of the pregnancy. Maternity kurtas and tunics can come with diverse necklines, from collar, key hole, sweet heart and boat neck as well as stylish sleeve styles like puff sleeves, sleeve-less, cap sleeves and even spaghetti straps. The advantage of these daring necklines is that they provide a breezy and cool vibe, especially in the summer.

How to Style?

Expectant mothers should take advantage of maternity tops sale collections, especially those online. These can give you a tremendous variety of ethnic choices from the comfort of your home and hence are the best option for pregnant ladies.

There are many varieties of trendy maternity tops to choose from for different occasions. For instance, a lace maternity top would look great for special occasions while also being an in-vogue, feminine style. Kurtas and tunics are typically paired up with leggings, which are perfect maternity wear since they can easily stretch and are light and thin as well.

Another good option to wear with shorter kurtas is the ethnic skirts with contrasting designs. In fact a stylish and vibrant party look can be achieved by pairing up a white maternity top with a printed palazzo pant or printed skirt, both of which are trendy right now.

One of the best ways for pregnant ladies to express their style is through bright colors, pretty designs and eye-catching accessories. A loose black maternity top paired up with a colorful outsized Indian pendant necklace or dangling earrings can be perfect for parties, while at the same being easy to wear and pull off.

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