Linen Tunics & Kurtas - Your Go-To Statements in Summers

Linen Tunics & Kurtas - Your Go-To Statements in Summers

As summer approaches, wardrobes have to be turned upside down. New Indian clothes that suit the scorching heat happen to be on the cards. For this season, women have to often strike the delicate balance between style and comfort. A linen tunic is the perfect outfit for those who want to stay cool and comfortable in summer, without giving up on the style factor.

Tunics are one of the trendiest upper-wear garments in the world today. Originally worn by men many centuries ago in the Ancient Greek era, they have now become a popular choice for women as casual wear garments. Alongside other options like tunics for women, they have gained immense popularity globally due to their ability to effortlessly combine comfort and style.

Essentially, a tunic is a long, loose top which can end anywhere between the hips and the knees. It is typically paired with leggings, though it can be worn with jeans and skirts as well. In India, a version of the tunic called the kurta (or kurti when it is hip-length or shorter) has also become very popular, especially with the younger generation of girls who love wearing clothes that combine an Indian and western aesthetic. Tunics are typically made with comfortable materials like cotton, silk and linen. Linen tunics, in particular, are one of the most popular summer wear garments in India.

Linen Tunic Dress

The main attraction of a linen tunic dress is its quotient of comfort and ‘coolness’. Linen is made from flax, which is an extremely light and breezy naturally occurring plant. The fabric is not only airy, but also absorbent, which makes it perfect for the hot and humid Indian climate. Linen tunic tops also come in many different varieties and styles. Women can create an entire summer wardrobe structured around this one item.

Linen Tunic Dress

The varieties range from short tunics that end just above the hip and have to be worn with jeans or trousers, to linen tunic dresses that are best worn with leggings or tights. Women’s linen tunics also come with varying sleeve lengths and necklines, which greatly influence the over-all aesthetic of the garment. For instance, a long linen tunic with a deep v-neck and bell sleeves is often preferred by women with a bohemian sense of style, while tunics with fitted three-fourth sleeves and a round neck will have a more formal vibe.

Variety of Sleeves and Necks

You can also find tunics with cap sleeves, puff sleeves, half-sleeves and spaghetti straps. The neckline can also vary; women will find everything from round necks, cowl necks, turtle necks and sweet heart necks to empire necklines and square necks. Similarly, these tunics are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

There are loose and summery plus size tunics and fitted size zero tunics. When it comes to linen tunics, plus size options are just as beautiful and attractive as the regular sizes. This fabric is very flattering and looks great on all types of figures and body types.


The designs and patterns used to decorate ladies’ linen tunic tops can be both western and unabashedly Indian. More often than not, the designs are printed on, though sometimes they can be embroidered or embellished using traditional Indian methods like aari, booti and resham work. However, linen does not really adapt well to heavy work so typically such embellishments are kept to the minimum.

Linen tunics for women come in many bright hues and shades, including blue, green, purple, red, orange, yellow and pink. You can also find monochromatic shades of black and white along with sober shades of brown, grey and beige. The prints are usually created using vibrant hues.

The motifs can vary from simple geometric shapes and dots to striking animal motifs, cute kitschy designs, artistic patterns and tribal inspired art work. Nature inspired motifs such as flowers, leaves, trees, roots, branches, birds and animals are commonly seen in ethnic tunics, while abstract and kitschy shapes and stylized motifs are the preferred western depictions.

Casual Look in Summers

Linen tunics never really go out of style. Every summer, these comfortable garments are highly in-demand. This is the prime reason that drives designers to create new, attractive designs every year. The latest linen tunics that have become extremely popular, especially with the younger generation, showcase vivid, vibrant ethnic prints and artistic patchwork designs.

pink-linen-kurta-set  drop-earrings-pinkbracelet-pink

Such ethnic linen tunics are paired with Indian trousers like pajamas and salwars, and western leggings and jeans to create a flurry of interesting looks. The styling of linen tunics depends entirely on the aesthetic of the over-all look. With an indo-western ensemble, women can wear chunky Indian necklaces, tribal earrings and beaded necklaces, along with colorful Indian mojaris or Kolhapuri chappals. With a more formal, western look, a simple silver necklace or a pair of dangling earrings will suffice.