Expert Tips To Style Your Blouses Right

Expert Tips To Style Your Blouses Right

The Indian saree blouse is a vital accessory with the sari. Once it was just a functional undergarment but over the years it has become a decorative piece which adds both style and personality to any ethnic look. Though blouses are typically worn with a saree, the evolution of ethnic fashion has helped it to become a stand-alone garment.

This increased versatility in saree blouse patterns has helped to make it popular ethnic item not just in India but the world over. While Indian women love introducing modern flavors and styles into their look by incorporating the latest saree blouse designs in their outfit, international designers are discovering how easy it is to pair up this item with different ethnic style pants and skirts.There are many saree blouse styles to choose from, no matter what the design and type of sari being worn with it.

Traditional styles

sequins-work-blouse zari-woven-art-silk-blouse

Traditional Indian saree blouse designs differ from region to region; in some states, the round neck, half-sleeve blouse is the norm while in others the full sleeve, v-neck style might be prevalent. We may think of back less, dori-tied and puff sleeve blouses as modern because of how daringly they are cut but in fact these are traditional styles that have been worn by women in Bengal and Rajasthan for many years.

Contemporary designs

To these classic versions a lot of modern tweaks have been added to create stylish new varieties which can be worn with contemporary sarees. The latest saree blouse patterns include a lot of bold cuts and fitted silhouettes. Sleeve less, deep neck, backless, halter neck, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder or asymmetrical straps and key hole necks are just a few of the hottest new saree blouse designs frequently seen on red carpets, in fashion magazines and in movies and T.V. shows.

art-silk-blouse boat-neck-embroidered-blouse embroidered-blouse

From the highest echelons of fashion and glamour these styles have permeated into the consciousness of the general public and more and more fashionable women are opting for such modern styles for special occasions and even in their daily life. The attraction lies in the fact that with a daringly cut blouse and glamorous saree women can combine the beauty of a traditional outfit with the elegance of a modern silhouette.

Sheer grace

net-blouse net-blouse-back

However modern styles don’t just experiment with the cut and fitting, they also bring in innovations in terms of the fabric and pattern. Thus the western style of ruffles, lace and frills can now be seen incorporated into sari blouses as well. They bring in a pretty feminine vibe to the outfit and at the same time are classy enough to be worn for conservative occasions. You’ll also find full sleeve saree blouses with collar necks as well as lace or net sleeve blouses with delicate embroidery.

Fabric & embroideries

In terms of fabric, blouses can be made of a wide variety of fabrics to match the saree with which they have to be worn, though nowadays the design of the blouse can also dictate the fabric chosen. Silk and cotton are the most common blouse materials since these are also the most common saree fabrics.

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However, georgette, chiffon, crepe, velvet, organza, net and brocade are also popular nowadays, especially for creating designer blouses for special occasions. Such blouses will also typically come with intricate embroidery and some amount of embellishments, made by utilizing the classic techniques of patch border work, Resham embroidery, zari work, dori work, stones designs, cutdana work and so on. This enables the entire outfit to take on a glittering, luxurious aspect and hence these types of blouses are more suitable for weddings and festivals.


Saree blouse designs flit in and out of fashion just like the saree or any other ethnic garment. For instance, right now, a lot of blouses come with plunging backs inspired by the ‘backless’ sari look that has been seen on the red carpet multiple times. At the same time the traditional style of tying up a blouse with a dori either at the front or back is also very popular.

It is being combined not just with the backless design but with other interesting variations in back designs, with crisscrossing threads and cut-out patterns. An

other latest saree blouse design is the halter neck; it looks fantastic when paired with a shimmering contemporary saree and dangling earrings.

Pair up the designer saree blouse with appropriate gold jewelry, embroidered potlis and heel slippers to get the perfect ethnic look. For parties and weddings the latest style is to go for color blocking or contrasting patterns. The right stone studded necklaces can really tie this type of look together. Those with an understated style may prefer an art silk shimmer blouse in gold or silver to off-set a brightly colored saree.