You Must Try Stunning Indian Tunics

You Must Try Stunning Indian Tunics

Tunics are one of those garments that started off as a trend but eventually became a staple part of women’s wardrobes across the world. These stylish long tops actually descended from a similar outfit worn by men in Ancient Greece. However, today’s version is worn mostly by women and has a more flattering, feminine cut. There are many different varieties available and one of the most popular is the Indian tunic. It shares great commonality with western tunics, but is distinguished by some unique visual characteristics that supply an ethnic look.

Indian tunics can also be called kurtis or kurtas. Indian women have been wearing them as part of the salwar kameez outfit for many centuries, but it is only in the last decade that the trend of wearing ‘tunics’ with different types of outfits have gained prominence. Many Bollywood movies and television shows have contributed to the popularity of Indian tunic tops. Today, they are considered an immensely popular outfit not just amongst the younger generation of women in India, but with people across the world.

Cotton Tunics

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The most popular and commonly worn variety is that of the Indian cotton tunics. Light, breezy and comfortable, these are the perfect summer wear outfits that are generally worn for casual and day to day occasions. Besides being soft and airy, cotton is also very adaptable and can be dyed into many bright and beautiful colors.

Cotton tunics in variety of colors such as pink, purple, green, yellow, red and orange can be found. Many are also vibrantly dyed into multiple hues using the traditional Rajasthani tie and dye technique, which offers a totally unique look.

Always comfortable!

What sets the Indian tunic dress apart is amalgam of comfort and style of modern tunics with the unique vibrancy and beauty of ethnic fashion. With their increasing popularity and mass appeal, many designers have come up with interesting innovations and fusions, resulting in an exciting variety of choices for anyone who wants to buy an Indian style tunic.

Where to shop?

There are many ways in which you can access different types of tunics, but the most convenient is probably tunics’ online shopping. India based portals are probably the best bet as they will be able to offer a more authentic and diverse range of choices. You can buy all types of Indian tunics online, including the party wear varieties made with finer materials like silk, pure chiffon or pure georgette. These usually come embroidered with interesting, intricate designs and patterns and may even sport glittering stone or sequins embellishments.

For many who browse tunics online, India inspired prints, fabrics and patterns can also be a big draw. From funky tribal varieties like Warli and Madhubani art to exquisite Chikankari embroidery patterns and unique Kashmiri designs, there are many attractive options to choose from.

Buy the classiest of Indian tunics at

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The best part is that when an ethnic fashion lover chooses to buy tunics online, India or abroad, from a top ethnic fashion portal, they can select the exact color, design, cut and size they want. With so many categories and specific options, it is very easy to understand what the appeal and look of the outfit even before ordering it.

The length of the sleeve can vary from the traditional full sleeve to the trendy sleeve-less, while the tunic itself can vary in length; it can end anywhere between the hips and the knees. Trendy silhouettes such as the anarkali or empire waist cut have also become popular in the world of Indian tunics. Such outfits combine the casual comfort of tunics with the elegant fit of regal cuts and styles.

Style it right!

Indian tunics can be worn for a variety of occasions. They are typically worn by young girls and working women in their day to day life. However, there are several varieties that primarily cater to parties, festivals and special occasions. Indian tunics are immensely versatile and can be paired up with Indian trousers such as salwars, churidars and pajamas as well as western trousers like jeans and leggings.

Indian style tunics can therefore be worn as a part of an Indian, western and indo-western or fusion ensemble. Colorful, tie and dye tunics will pair well with vibrant beaded necklaces, large silver earrings, antique silver bangles and tribal jewelry. You can complete the ethnic bohemian vibe with some beaded sandals, juttis or mojaris.

stone-studded-earrings pearl-earrings metallic-earrings

With the fancier tunics made with fine silk fabrics and embellished with beautiful Indian embroidery, classy but typically Indian jewelry options like gold necklaces, silver bangles and Polki earrings are a good choice. Embroidered silk clutches and matching kitten heels will perfectly complete the ideal ethnic inspired party look.