How to Style Ethnic Dresses for Every Party?

How to Style Ethnic Dresses for Every Party?

Importance of Ethnic Wear In Men’s Fashion History

The history of men’s fashion clothing in India can be traced back to the Harappan times, almost 5000 years ago, when men first started wearing clothes in an ornamental as well as protective capacity. The astonishing thing about Indian clothes and textiles is that many of the styles worn today are descended directly from ancient garments worn millennia ago.

At the same time, clothing styles for Indian Men have continuously evolved over the years and have managed to incorporate the influences of many different cultures. Men’s fashion wear from India is known for its exciting array of choices, including traditional, modern and fusion clothing styles.


Men’s fashionable clothes change with every season, just like women’s clothes, but certain timeless styles always remain in fashion. In ethnic fashion, the classic designer sherwani is one such item that can be considered fashionable at any time. One of the reasons the sherwani has become a hit men’s fashion dress is that it is a favorite with designers.

Brocade Sherwani in Gold and Dark Blue
Brocade Sherwani in Gold and Dark Blue

Though it is an extremely traditional garment associated with Mughal royalty, it has also captured the attention of high fashion mavens, in India and abroad, because of its sophisticated and regal silhouette and rich look. It is often made of heavy brocades (such as Banarasi brocades), which come woven with beautiful silver and gold work designs. They also come in rich hues of purple, green, red and cream and have a dashing cut and well-fitted look.

Kurta Pajama

The Punjabi kurta pajama is yet another ethnic fashion staple that, in recent times, has become something of a fashion statement. In particular, jute and khadi kurtas in earthy shades of beige, brown and white have become very popular with the younger generation, who choose to wear it with jeans rather than pajamas.

Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Set in Black Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Set in Brown

A north Indian variation of the kurta pajama called the Pathani suit, has also become a popular men’s wear choice for casual wear. The beauty of the Pathani suit is that though it is quite loose and comfortable, just like the kurta pajama, it has distinctively broad shoulders that lend it an air of sophistication and class.

Nehru Jackets

For men, fashion clothing also includes such smart-looking semi-formal and informal wear options as the Nehru jacket and Dhoti pants. Both of these fashion clothes for men fall under the category of Western clothing since they present an innovative take on traditional garments. The Nehru jacket is a unique Indian coat that comes with a distinctive high collar and a fully buttoned-down front.

It has been a part of ethnic fashion for many years but in the last decade has also become a hot fashion trend in international circles. The dhoti pant, on the other hand, is a recent innovation that combines the dhoti look with a trouser-like fit. It is one of those unique men’s fashion clothes that seamlessly combine tradition with modernity. It comes in a variety of comfortable materials such as cotton, linen, silk and rayon.

Various types of Western garments have also been adapted into Indian fashion and have thus become extremely popular men’s fashion clothes in India and abroad. These include simple items such as shirts and t-shirts which come embroidered and/or printed with vibrant ethnic designs. Simple motifs of paisley, fruits and trees as well as depictions of mythological figures have become common features in Indian-inspired men’s shirts. In order to add a touch of ethnic fashion to an otherwise plain outfit, men can choose to wear an Indian-style vest embroidered with Resham designs.

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Style Tips

Men’s fashion outfits often make their debut on the ramp or the red carpet. From there, they make their way to the major fashion catalogs and therefore become popular even with the masses. For instance, only after a Bollywood star was spotted wearing dhoti pants on the red carpet did it become a popular choice with the public.

White Mojaris Art Silk And Velvet Turban

Of course, certain eternally fashionable garments do not need such publicity. For instance, when it comes to a wedding, men typically go for a stylish sherwani made of a men’s fashion cloth such as beige art silk, rich purple brocade or embroidered georgette. They can pair it up with a zari work men’s dupatta and a pair of mojaris to complete the traditional yet trendy look. Putting together such a look takes minimum effort but looks appropriate and dashing.

In terms of casual wear, men usually prefer going for a more indo-western fusion look with kurtas. They are paired up with jeans more often than not, though a man’s jhola (sling bag) and leather jutis can be added to emphasize the ethnic element. In winter, men can opt to pair their kurtas and/or Nehru jackets with thick Kashmiri work shawls.