Why Are Traditional Indian Suits a Must-Have in Men's Wardrobes?

Why Are Traditional Indian Suits a Must-Have in Men's Wardrobes?

The Irresistible Allure: Why Traditional Indian Suits are a Must-Have in Men’s Wardrobe?

Indian men’s fashion may attract as many eyeballs or appreciation in the global fashion arena as women’s clothing but it offers a wide range of beautiful and resplendent choices. One of the most exclusive and attractive options in Indian fashion is designer suits for men.

These are high-class garments for men designed to combine Western and Indian aesthetics. There are many different varieties of men’s designer suits, which entail highly traditional pieces to completely modern types.

The aforesaid combination sets designer men’s suits apart from the others of their ilk. It knits the intricate and heavy beauty of Indian clothing with the glamor and style of high fashion. More often than not, these are exclusively crafted with gorgeous materials and detailed designs.

Though they are highly preferred by modern men with a taste for contemporary clothing, designer suits for men’s wear actually pay homage to the magnificent costumes worn by Indian royalty during past years. Though they have been adapted to be more modern and comfortable, they have the unique look and luxurious aesthetic of aristocratic garb worn by kings and nawabs.

Black Jodhpuri Suit

Exploring the Diverse World of Men’s Suit Designs

There are many different types of men’s suit designs to choose from. From minimalistic, smart-looking western jackets with subtle Indian embroidery detailing to shimmering sherwani suits and Jodhpuri sets, men have a tremendous range of options for special occasions.

Though they all retain the basic design of a suit, which entails a collar and open front, which can be buttoned, hooked, or closed with Velcro, the length of the kameez, sleeves and overall structure differentiate the varieties. Jodhpuri suits, for instance, are usually close-necked, with a uniquely cut closed-neck design.

They tend to be short (never going beyond the hip length), in shades of black and gray, sometimes with some amount of compelling embroidered designs. On the other hand, Nehru suits, which also have a closed neck, are much more similar in their look to regular three-piece suits. Paithani suits have a broader shoulder design and longer length. One can also find many interesting varieties of indo-western suits that combine the typical Western suit structure with an Indian aesthetic in the form of embroidered designs or detailing.

You can find the fanciest and most expensive options in designer wedding suits for men. These are usually made with finely woven Indian fabrics like pure silk, brocade, velvet and muslin. They often come with heavy designs created with gold or silver threads called zari or zardosi. Many other rich embellishments are used to add a decorative feel to the suit. These include resham, booti, ek taar and dori work, to name just a few varieties.

The patterns are visually beautiful but tend to be simple and less elaborate as compared to the patterns found in women’s clothing. Designer suits for men’s weddings might include motifs of paisley, small flowers, trees, leaves, the sun, the moon, stars and other spiritual or nature-inspired designs. Though they are extremely artistic, they are subtly and often sparsely displayed to emphasize the splendor of the cloth and not overwhelm it.

The latest designer suits for men are often considered simple and minimalistic at first glance. In reality, they are very sophisticated garments made with fine materials that enhance the masculine figure and shimmer with elegant designs. On the other hand, many designers are also choosing to get their inspiration from traditional clothing for men in India. Subsequently, loud colors, vibrant patterns, and unusual cuts are becoming quite common in the world of designer men’s suits.

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Style To Choose From

Woven Jodhpuri Suit
Woven Jodhpuri Suit

There are many interesting styles and trends which have come up for men in the last decade. Ethnic fashion has become ‘cool’ once again, which is why one can find many attractive Indian and indo-western men’s wear options for special occasions and daily wear.

Designer suits with an ethnic aesthetic have become a very popular wedding wear option, and nowadays one can see them even at other special occasions like parties or festivals. Men, who want to feel comfortable and look modern, without letting go of their Indian heritage, love these exclusive designer suits. In a way, they combine the best of both worlds.

Designer men’s suits are usually worn for special occasions and should be accessorized accordingly. To get a stylish Indian look, men can pair up their Jodhpuri and Paithani suits with embroidered mojaris in a matching shade, preferably with a similar kind of design.

They can also choose to wear a dupatta, a type of Indian stole, to add a dash of Indian flair to the look. For weddings and wedding ceremonies, a traditional turban in pink or red is often worn by members of the bride’s family.