Indian Designer Wear: From Sarees to Lehenga Cholis

Indian Designer Wear: From Sarees to Lehenga Cholis

As fashionable as designer clothing from India, it’s also extremely hard to come by. Unless you want to travel to specialty stores in unfamiliar neighborhoods. If you’re looking for the best in Indian designer clothes, then look no further than Utsav.

This specialty online boutique carries all of the best designer clothing from Indian to give you that look straight from the runway. From sarees to dupattas, Utsav is the number one location for getting the very finest in Indian designer clothes.

Designer inspired sarees


Utsav’s extensive collection of sarees represents its comprehensive knowledge of designer clothing from India. The olive green lurex saree with blouse combines the finest quality fabric with elegant designs to make a look that is purely chic.

Opulent sequins, zari, reshams, and patchwork blend with floral patterns to give you a subtle sexiness; the luxurious green lurex is both light on the shoulders and soft to the touch, so this piece can be worn all day while you remain comfortable while looking your best. The matching blouse completes the ensemble to give you, the customer, one of the finest examples of Indian designer clothes you can add to your wardrobe. Get that runway look for less by picking from Utsav’s discerning collection.

Designer inspired lehenga choli


Designer clothing from India has a reputation of having a sensuous yet classy nature; Utsav’s collection of lehenga choli furthers this notion while exemplifying the very finest in Indian designer clothes. These pieces are sultry yet elegant, accentuating the wearer’s natural curves while leaving very much to the imagination.

There is no finer model of this idea than the violet pure georgette lehenga choli with dupatta. The extravagant floral pattern on the outfit’s border smoothly combines with the intricate embellishments of stones, neem zari, tissue flowers, beads, and sequins that, above anything else, show the tailors absolute commitment to excellence.

Turn heads with the rich georgette fabric, which is equal parts soft and light. The matching dupatta accentuates the entire ensemble perfectly, making this one of the best examples of designer clothing from India.

Designer inspired salwar suits

a-line-salwar-suit embroidered-cotton-suit jacket-style-suit

For the very best in designer clothing from India, the educated eye need to look no further than the salwar kameez. This piece is elegance and simplicity coming together to form a union that has inspired some of the best Indian designer clothes to date.

In particular, the teal shimmer cotton kameez with churidar and dupatta is an excellent piece that can class up any occasion. The resplendent resham that runs throughout the entire outfit screams pure opulence, while the neckline of the dress is intricately embellished lace, stones, resham, zari, patchwork, buillon, and sequins.

The teal is a soft, elegant color that eases the eyes of everyone around you, while the dupatta perfectly exudes a sense of style and class. The entire look is eye-catching yet quiet, a sort of softened elegance that is perfect for every season.