Indian Clothing for Women & Men

Indian clothing is no longer a novelty or something only relevant for certain special occasions. It has emerged into the consciousness of international designers and celebrities and is seen frequently on ramps, movies and television shows. The fantastic varieties of Indian clothes are being appreciated and loved around the world.

With a plethora of beautiful fabrics, flowing cuts, ornate designs, hand crafted patterns and unique motifs to choose from, both men and women are increasingly embracing the unique beauty of Indian style clothing. Traditional Indian clothing like sarees, lehenga cholis, salwar kameez and kurta pajamas are amongst the most popular types of ethnic fashion.

Indian clothing for women is typically bright and beautiful, incorporating beautiful colors and hues. These Indian clothes also known for a meticulous attention to design details and eye-catching patterning, created using artisanal techniques.

These clothes come with intricate embroideries and motifs that are unique to Indian fashion. Some of these motifs and designs, for instance Ikat and paisley, have achieved international fame; however, there are still many stunning designs that are unique to Indian clothing.

Nowadays you can also find Indian clothing with a modern twist, incorporating contemporary silhouettes and more comfortable fabrics. These new style clothes still retain the beauty and elegance of traditional styles, but add an irresistible dash of verve and fashion to the outfit.

There are many types of Indian clothes for women. Sarees are the most elegant and perhaps the most recognizable, while salwar kameez are the most popular and comfortable.

rp_floral-printed-saree-207x300.jpg salwar-kameez

Lehenga cholis are favorites for festival and wedding wear while kurtas are perfect for the casual wardrobe. Within these broad categories there are many famous items which have gone much beyond the region where they were created.

For instance, Kerala saree are typically worn at weddings in the south of India, but are now spreading in popularity throughout India as simple yet attractive ceremonial sarees. Similarly Kanchipuram is also having a moment.

designer Lehenga choli
Designer Lehenga choli

Batik, Phulkari, Dubka, Neemzari, Madhubani, Chanderi and Shibori sarees are just a few of the stunning fabric and embroidery styles which are produced only in a specific region of India but are worn the world over. The most popular embroidery styles in India include zari, kalamkari, aari, dori, cut dana, kota doria, beads and booti work.

Sequins, stones and mirror work are also gaining in popularity along with tie and dye and Bandhej designs.  All types of fabrics can be found at Indian clothing stores, from silk and cotton to georgette, chiffon, crepe, velvet, net, satin, brocade, organza and rayon.

Men’s Wear

In the men’s category there are both causal and formal choices. Kurta-pajamas are great for daily wear, while sherwanis and dhotis look great for parties and special occasions.

sherwani-1 sherwani-2 sherwani-3

Most Indian clothes for men have the distinct advantage of being breezy and comfortable, allowing greater mobility and movement. They also come adorned with unique ethnic motifs and designs though in a more muted, subtle manner.

Trends – Casual & Formal Wear

Incorporating ethnic styles into day to day wear in a big or small way is a major fashion trend right now. So just adding a beautiful dupatta instead of a scarf or wearing a kurta over jeans can make you look very fashionable.

On the other hand, Indian designer clothes are also emerging as fashion favorites, not just with models and designers but also with celebrities, movie stars and television characters. Whether it is a timeless Kanchivaram saree or a trendy Anarkali salwar kameez, the red carpet is no stranger to ornate, luxurious Indian clothes with unique designs.

Georgette and chiffon are trendy fabrics right now and you’ll find pretty sarees made of these elegant materials worn by international celebrities as well. When it comes to wedding fashions, layered net sarees and lehengas are top picks, though silk Banarasi saree are eternal favorites. Indian clothes are incomplete without appropriate jewelry. It is not just about gorgeous, well-fitted clothes but also about pretty jewelry, handbags and shoes.

Different types of Indian clothing can be matched up with different styles of jewelry. Kundan necklaces are very traditional and frequently seen at weddings and on brides, with matching earrings and bangles. Meenakari jewelry, with its enameled colorful finish, is perfect for colorful salwar kameez and kurtas and will look great at a party or ceremony.

earrings meenakari bangles

More modern jewelry types include wooden or terracotta sets, dokra earrings and oxidized jewelry. These are great low cost daily wear jewelry pieces and can be used to add a trendy, modern vibe to the outfit. Party looks can be completed with embroidered clutches and silk handbags with colorful Indian motifs, so that every aspect of the outfit reflects an ethnic vibe.