Dazzling Indian Bridal Dresses

Dazzling Indian Bridal Dresses

Indian weddings are known for their opulence and high level of energy. The festive and rich atmosphere extends to the fashion and clothing as well and an Indian wedding is often a great time to spot the latest and most beautiful ethnic fashions. However, nothing can compete with the bridal attire. An Indian bride is dressed to the nines from head to toe and her clothing is often the most ornate of them all. She is expected to commemorate this once in a lifetime occasion by being dressed in the richest manner possible and her attire is a source of pride for her as well as her family. This is why Indian bridal dresses are amongst the most gorgeous and beautiful garments one can find anywhere in the world.

There is a tremendous variety of beautiful Indian bridal dresses from India as every region has their own style of dressing up the bride. At the same time, these traditional garments have also been adapted into more modern, innovative avatars which are preferred by brides with slightly more modern tastes. Thus for an Indian bride, dresses can be of many different types, from traditional to contemporary, designer to regional. The look and feel of the dresses will be determined by the occasion for which they have to be worn. The most traditional and rich garments are often reserved for the wedding ceremony and reception; there are many more wedding dresses for Indian brides suited for the other functions such as the mehendi, haldi and cocktail party.

There are essentially three main garments that are worn by brides on their special day: the saree, the lehenga choli and the salwar kameez. The saree is one of the most traditional choices and is the expected garment in such regions of India such as Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The Banarasi sari is probably the richest wedding sari, distinguished by its use of rich, woven designs made of gold threads, prominently displayed on red silk fabrics. Kanjeevaram saris are also made of the finest woven silks and come with mythology inspired designs on the pallus, while Kerala Kasavu sarees have a very simply yet striking look because of the white and gold combination they display. The latest Indian bridal dresses also include updated versions of lesser known, bridal saris such as Patola saris and Paithani saris, both of which are known for their opulent, rich and colorful look.

Women who want a more glamorous look often opt for lehenga cholis. The most number of modern and western looking Indian bridal dress designs can be found in lehenga cholis as these can be easily adapted into more daring silhouettes. From the voluminous, flowing circular lehengas to the chic and fitted mermaid cut lehengas, from the traditional round neck cholis to the modern corset cholis, brides have a lot of different varieties to choose from. Lehenga cholis are the most popular designer Indian bridal dresses as these have, for some reason or the other, become the preferred garment of high fashion designers. They therefore come in a lot of unconventional and innovative avatars as well, utilizing unconventional colors like white, silver, grey, green, purple, blue etc. (as compared to the classic reds and pinks). However, in order to achieve the rich and ornate look, traditional Indian techniques like zari, zardosi, ek taar, gota patti, cut dana, Resham, aari and booti work are as much used in modern designer Indian bridal dresses as in the traditional ones. For a truly exquisite bridal look, lehenga cholis can be paired with stunning Indian wedding sarees, enhancing the overall beauty and opulence of the ensemble.

A latest Indian bridal dress that has, in the last few years, achieved tremendous fame is the bridal anarkali salwar kameez. Elegant Salwar kameez in their opulent embroidered and embellished bridal forms are the traditional bridal attire of Punjabi brides but nowadays, it is the stylish anarkali silhouettes that brides love to wear. The main appeal of this latest Indian bridal dress is its stately and regal looking silhouette which is extremely flattering for any bride; it is often combined with rich crystals, beads and pearls work in detailed ethnic motifs to accentuate the bridal nature of the outfit.

Variety of Indian Bridal Dresses

Indian bridal wear has its own trends and styles that go in and fashion; for instance, at the moment, embellished lehenga cholis and Anarkali dresses are the preferred bridal wear while just a few years ago silk sarees were the most popular choice. Ultimately, rather than focusing on the trendiness of the garment, the bride should focus on making herself look as good as possible. A huge part of that is the style of jewelry worn. Indian brides tend to pair traditional Kundan jewelry sets and Polki sets with their ornate bridal dresses; however, nowadays, pretty crystal necklaces and stone studded jewelry is also becoming very popular. Certain traditional pieces like the kaleera for the wrists, nath for the nose and the mang tikka for the forehead have to be included in the Indian bridal ensemble.