Imported Sarees from India

Imported Sarees from India

Sarees are the most elegant and beautiful garment from and in India. They have been worn in the Indian sub-continent for many centuries by women of all ages and from different cultural backgrounds. Though this is one of the most commonly worn garments in India, it is not worn in the same shape, drape or form in every region. In fact, one of the major attractions of this garment for fashionistas is the tremendous amount of variety it gives you. Every region has a different style of saree, which has evolved over the years to reflect the culture and tastes of their population. Similarly, there are also many beautiful modern varieties which incorporate more of western aesthetics and which often have a more innovative drape and creative design.

The vast range of designs and styles available is not the only attraction of the saree. There is an inherent and undeniable beauty and elegance in this garment. Any woman can look elegant and sophisticated wearing a properly draped saree in a color and fabric that suits her body type. It instantly adds a poised and refined vibe, emphasizing the beauty of the wearer without being too vulgar or gaudy. This is why this garment has attracted the attention of fashionistas and fashion designers around the world. From the high-fashion ramps to the popular fashion brands, the saree has made its presence felt in India and abroad. It is not just the Indians settled abroad who wish to find and own exquisite sarees of different types. Western women have also begun to appreciate the beauty and splendor of ethnic fashion. Moreover, ethnic fashion itself has become a huge trend across the world, which propels more and more ladies to explore different Indian clothing styles.

There is therefore, a great demand for imported sarees from India across the world. Most people prefer to get authentic imported sarees, which are made in the proper traditional way, as opposed to foreign manufactured items that may not have the same level of aesthetic charm as the imported products. Moreover, many of the techniques of making traditional textiles and designs are passed down from one generation to the next in Indian villages and not many artisans abroad will have the resources and means to make such traditional sarees and sell them at a reasonable price. Since India has a flourishing saree making industry, many different types and varieties of sarees are available here at a relatively low cost. Many companies choose to import Indian sarees wholesale so as to offer people living abroad many beautiful varieties at low prices.

There is no restriction to the types of sarees people living abroad can get. From rich traditional varieties such as the heavy, brocade Banarasi and Kanjivaram sarees to the light-weight Bandhej cotton saris, there are many interesting traditional options. Many stores also choose to import designer sarees from India, thus allowing people abroad to dress up in the latest saree styles. These include glittering net and sequins sarees which are usually paired with backless blouses, as well as innovative saree gowns or dhoti sarees. The classic options like silk sarees, chiffon sarees and georgette sarees are also available in a plethora of interesting colors and designs. These often come adorned with fascinating embroidery or embellishment work, of different types. Sarees with traditional embroidery styles from specific regions, such as Chikankari, Kashmiri work and Zardosi, can also be easily obtained in countries around the world.

One of the most popular means of getting new sarees in countries like the U.S., U.K., Singapore and Australia is to shop online. It is extremely easy to get imported sarees online, but women should be careful to only shop from trusted brands that will provide quality, authenticity and reasonable prices.

Styles and Trends in Imported Sarees

Imported sarees follow much of the same styles and trends as sarees in India. Like any other garment, trends with this garment also change with every season and this influences the kinds of saris that are imported as well. For instance, currently the half and half sarees and net sarees are both in fashion. Such styles have trickled down from the high-fashion ramps and are now a common sight at weddings and festive celebrations. Nowadays, the latest styles from the ramps of India can be imported immediately, without any delay. This means that people living abroad can also access the latest styles and trends as they browse imported sarees.

Other important accessories are also imported to countries around the world. Sari blouses in the latest styles are a crucial aspect of the sari ensemble. Indian jewelry pieces such as Kundan necklaces, Polki earrings and gold bangles are popular imported accessories that can be worn with a wide variety of saree styles.