Glamorous Halter Dresses

Glamorous Halter Dresses

A halter dress is one that features a strap running from the front portion of the garment around the neck. Essentially, the front portion of halter dresses is kept in place by the halter like strap placed around the wearer’s neck. This leaves large areas of the back as well as the shoulders uncovered, creating a very sensual, attractive look. It is named after the halter which is placed around animals’ necks. The halter dress pattern is often thought of as a western innovation and it certainly did originate with western designers. It was initially used as a swimsuit design because of the amount of skin it exposed which made it really easy to tan when wearing this type of design. Today, of course, a women’s halter dress comes in all types of colors, designs and styles including formal and fancy varieties. Inspired by the cute halter dresses of the west, Indian designers have also started incorporating this bold and sensual cut in various Indian dresses.

The universal popularity of this neckline means that there are many types of halter dresses for women to choose from. Halter dress styles can vary on the basis of a number of factors, from the specific type of halter neck used to the type of dress, the length of the dress, the fabric, its designs and its patterns.

Short halter dresses are extremely popular for summer wear because of the comfort and airiness they offer. A short halter dress typically comes with a puffed out ballerina skirt, though more bohemian, loose-fitting silhouettes are also becoming quite popular. These kinds of casual halter dresses often come with bright prints and beautiful motifs and may sometimes be paired with leggings. The crochet halter dress is a new and trendy type of casual wear outfit that has become extremely trendy. It is appreciated because of the vintage flair it exudes due to the intricate and pretty crochet material. The transparent nature of a crochet halter dress makes it very appropriate as beach wear.

The long halter dress is considered a classic outfit and often comes with a very smart cut suitable for formal events. Western style formal halter dresses are often paired with light and pretty shawls or shrugs to create a subtly sensuous evening wear look. The basic halter neck design can also be altered to produce different kinds of looks. For instance, a dress with an extremely low cut at the back, also called a backless halter dress, would have a very elegant yet sensual look, while a high neck halter dress creates a very refined, glamorous vibe. The halter neck line can also be combined with a sweet heart shape, a round shape or a square shape.

All of these different types of halter necklines and silhouettes can also be found in Indian fashion. Indo western dresses that combine the silhouette and structure of a western evening gown with the aesthetic designs of Indian fashion have become a huge trend in Indian fashion and these often come with halter neck designs. A popular type of Indian halter dress is the regal floor length anarkali suits. This cutting edge designer style is typically combined with a translucent shrug made of net, tissue or some other fine material. There are also many types of western halter dresses that come with Indian designs, prints and patterns. Whether it is in the form of the vibrant Ikat, Batik, Madhubani or Warli prints or in the form of intricate and beautiful embroidery and embellishments, it creates a very beautiful, fusion look for the garment and makes it extremely attractive.

In Indian as well as western fashion, fine, luxurious materials are preferred as the base material of halter dresses as they suit the sensuous, flattering look of the outfit the best. Fabrics such as silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton silk, satin, brocade, net and tissue are often used to create halter dresses.

Trends and Styling

Halter dresses became extremely fashionable as soon as they were introduced and this trend continues till today. They come in many different designs and cuts so women with different body types, skin colors and style preferences are sure to find something or the other that suits them in a halter dress catalogue. Some of the most popular varieties are the gorgeous evening wear halter dresses. Nothing can beat the elegance and sensuality of a black halter dress with a plunging back and minimal designs. Such a look can be paired up with dazzling chandelier earrings a crystal studded clutch and high heel sandals to create an ultra glamorous look. For an Indian function or ceremony, an indo western style red halter dress with intricate and beautiful zari work is a great option. It can be worn with a shimmering net dupatta with delicate gold thread designs and a beautiful Indian gold necklace. In fact the necklace with halter dress combination is a fashion classic that is really hard to go wrong with.