Beautiful Gold Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez of all colors and hues are worn across the Indian subcontinent by women for various different occasions. However, there are certain shades that enjoy greater popularity and demand. For instance, in India, gold holds a special place in the hearts of people. It is considered a metal of the gods and as such the color itself is considered auspicious and is strikingly beautiful. Gold salwar kameez is therefore one of the most popular outfits for women who like wearing Indian clothing.

It is not just women with traditional tastes who love to wear glorious golden salwar kameez. Gold is universally considered one of the most luxurious and attractive colors in existence. Clothing of that color simply exudes beauty and opulence. It is no wonder that even in ancient times, it was the noble aristocrats and wealthy merchants who wore this color more than anyone else. Wearing such a gorgeous color automatically adds an aura of exclusivity and beauty.

There are many ways in which you can use this color in a salwar kameez outfit. It depends not only on the type of suit being created, but also on which occasions it is supposed to be worn for. Therefore, a casual wear golden salwar suit will naturally have a more subdued hue than one intended for special occasions like weddings or parties. It might also combine gold with shades of white, beige or black, which would temper the glamour factor and make the outfit more suitable for everyday wear.

An outfit made up of gold from head to toe is quite rare, as it creates a very overly ornate vibe, which would be suitable only for certain occasions and events like wedding. More often than not, the gold color is incorporated in the form of intricate designs and patterns. This can be done by simply adding swathes of gold fabric as a border. The more ornate and traditional golden color salwar kameez come with exquisite embroidery and embellishments done with gold threads and ornaments. Stones and sequins with a gold sheen are combined with detailed zari or zardosi work. Other traditional designs such as gota patti and cut dana are also created with golden threads, which are stitched into artistic motifs.

Many women also choose to wear a shining golden salwar (the loose trousers with a tapering cut worn as part of this outfit) with a kameez or kurta (the upper-wear tunic) in a different color. Kurtas, in a subtle hue of white, beige, tan or even black look great when combined with a striking golden salwar. This happens if they have some gold prints on them to match the color of the trousers.

The most glamorous type of golden color salwar kameez would be the anarkali. The cut and silhouette of the anarkali itself is very attractive, with a kameez that is fitted till the bust and then flairs out in an elegant design. Typically, the anarkali is the most preferred type of salwar kameez for parties and festivals. A gold anarkali dress is necessarily even more beautiful.

You can use all types of fabrics to create golden salwar suits. While simple fabrics like cotton and linen generally take on a more yellowish hue, gold prints can be used to jazz up the outfit. Silk, satin, chiffon and georgette are all available in varying shades, from the dullest gold color to the most shining golden hue. Net, tissue, velvet and various artificial materials like polyester and rayon can also be used to make gold color salwar kameez.

Exciting Varieties of Gold Salwar Kameez

Nowadays, buying a salwar kameez is no longer considered a very difficult task for women living in outside India. They can easily buy golden color salwar kameez online from trusted ethnic fashion retailers who deliver the requisite order to locations around the world. Along with the outfit, they should also take the time to purchase some beautiful accessories and jewelry pieces in order to get the perfect ensemble from head to toe.

The type of jewelry worn will depend on the outfit itself. For instance, with a golden anarkali dress women can wear a pair of dangling diamond earrings to create a more glamorous look. With casual wear outfits, a pretty pearl pendant or a set of stone studded bangles will subtly complete the look. While wearing silver with gold is a major fashion faux pax, even gold jewelry is not always the best option with golden salwar kameez. It will end up washing out both the outfit and the jewelry and do disservice to both. Instead, colorful gemstone jewelry and pearl jewelry would be a better option. To complete the ensemble, women can wear high heel sandals and embroidered clutches.