Vibrant Floral Print Tunics

Vibrant Floral Print Tunics

The epitome of springtime joy and feminine pizzazz, floral prints are amongst the most popular patterns anywhere in the world. In the history of design and embroidery, floral motifs are seen to recur across cultures and it was natural that when textiles’ printing was invented, floral designs proved to be one of the most popular. Today, floral prints are used to decorate all types of clothes and accessories, from casual and semi-casual clothing to formal or ethnic Indian clothing. They are especially suited for decorating light-weight, summery clothing such as tunics. Floral print tunics are extremely popular summer wear clothes that are highly fashionable and in demand at the moment. Flowers are often considered appropriate for summer and spring time fashion, because of their ties to the natural world, and are one of the most feminine forms of adornment on ensembles.

Floral print clothing can be of many different types as this kind of design really has no limit in terms of versatility and adaptability. Depending on the design itself, the fabric, the cut of the dress and the colors used, the look of the floral print clothing can vary. In the realm of Indo-western outfits for women, floral prints add a touch of elegance and fusion. When it comes to floral print tops, the silhouette differs based on what season it is intended for. A summer-time floral print tunic is likely to have a loose, airy silhouette, with half sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeve less designs and a low neck, boat neck or u-neck cut. Trendier floral print tunic top designs include halter neck, back less, key-hole neck, spaghetti strap and sweetheart neck. The ones for cooler climates would sport insulating long sleeves or three fourth sleeves, longer lengths (up till the knees) and cowl neck, closed round neck, collar neck, high collar, turtle neck and other such interesting winter time necklines. The Indian style tunics, also called kurtis, resemble long shirts with Indian designs and are likely to have button front designs, simple v-necks or Mandarin collars.

The colors of the prints on the floral print tunics play a crucial role in defining the overall aesthetic of the outfit, especially when it comes to complementing Indian jewelry. The color of the base fabric can be bright, from red, orange, pink or yellow to blue, green or purple. These hues can be neon or pastel, deep or pale, depending on the preference of the wearer. However, the most popular base colors in this type of outfit are monochrome shades. A beige, grey, white or black floral print top is a great choice as it shows up the prints on it beautifully and creates a pleasing visual contrast. The prints on floral print tops can be monochrome themselves, or they can be in a different shade of the base color (light blue on dark blue), or they can be in metallic shades like bronze, copper, silver and gold. Alternatively, a floral print tunic may also come with colorful designs made with different hues, included in one pattern. The petals might be red, while the center of the flower is yellow, and so on.

The shape and style of the floral print can also vary vastly. One can find large, stylized depictions of specific flowers (roses, prim-roses, marigolds, jasmines, violets, periwinkles etc.), or one can find tiny motifs of floral sprays consistently repeated throughout the fabric. Floral print clothing may also combine floral prints with other abstract or nature based motifs such as leaves, trees, animals, peacocks etc. In India, floral print is a huge part of the Mughal aesthetic; Persian influenced prints on floral print tunics are amongst the most artistic, delicate and beautiful designs a woman can find in that price range. In the rich tapestry of Indian aesthetics, the marriage of floral prints and Kundan jewellery embodies elegance, grace, and timeless allure.

Cotton floral print tunics are the most popular, largely preferred because of their apt summer vibe, breathability and softness; moreover, cotton is highly absorbent and can be easily machine or hand printed with gorgeous ethnic designs. Along with coarse varieties of silk, it is the main base fabric used in to create block printed tunics. These indo western tunics for women have the distinct tunic like shape and fit but come with the uniquely ethnic block printed designs which often depict artistic, flowering designs.

Trends and Styling in Floral Print Tunics

Floral prints represent a very wide range of designs and as such, in one form or another, they have always been trending in fashion. For instance, with the ethnic revival of the early ‘00s, a lot of detailed, ethnic floral prints came into prominence and bohemian looking indo-western floral print tops became extremely fashionable. These types of tunics are often paired with colorful leggings in a complementary hue and chunky beaded jewelry. Nowadays, color blocking is all the rage so women prefer to pair up different types of floral prints in one outfit or to pair up a floral print tunic in a bright shade like red with a royal blue pair of leggings. To balance off the play of colors in such outfits, delicate silver jewelry or metallic bangles can be worn.