Embroidered Sherwani: Every Groom's Dream-Come-True Wedding Attire

Embroidered Sherwani are long, coat-like garments that are traditionally worn by the men of north India. While relatively simple in design, the Sherwani has a status symbol value in the Indian culture. Sherwani can be embroidered with fine fabrics and inlaid with precious gems.

Typically, the more elaborate the Sherwani, the more important the individual is that is wearing it. This tradition of importance for the Sherwani can be attributed to its use as royal dress wear for men in 17th century India. In this time period, embroidered Sherwani were a status symbol for the rich and powerful.

In today’s society, several cultures are finding fashion value in the Sherwani. The Sherwani is the best selling men’s dress in the eastern hemisphere and it is beginning to find a market in the west. In America, the Sherwani has gained popularity due to the growth of Indian and Muslim immigrants. America has put its own flare on this article of men’s clothing, adding their own details to make a unique western embroidered Sherwani.

Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Golden
Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Golden

While the majority of the American market for embroidered Sherwani is still largely Indian, several Americans are beginning to adopt the culture’s dress as their own. Many find the sophistication of the Sherwani very appealing. When wearing a Sherwani for wedding, it exonerates class and individuality.

One of the biggest selling points of an Embroidered Sherwani is that it is a very personalized garment. These Sherwani and typically more elaborate and of a higher quality than basic Sherwani. The design options that one can pursue their embroidered Sherwani and limitless. When it comes to personalized Sherwani, the canvas on which the owner has to express themselves is much larger than other men’s wear. This allows the owner to let their imagination flow and to create a piece of clothing that truly expresses who they are to those that witness their Sherwani.

Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Beige Jacquard Sherwani in Maroon and GoldenWoven Brocade Art Silk Sherwani in Cream

While embroidered Sherwani can be extravagant and eccentric, they can also be made for pure comfort. If you do not want to spend extra money on a personalized Sherwani, then there are several other options available to choose from. The basic Sherwani is still very stylish and provides exceptional comfort. These Sherwani are often worn over other garments known as the

These Sherwani are often worn over other garments known as the Kurta and Churidar. These undergarments are made of soft linen and when worn underneath the heavier cotton fabrics of the Sherwani the wearer is protected from the outside elements while remaining insulated, which results in comfort in all temperatures.

The embroidered Sherwani is one of the most sophisticated men’s dresses available in the market today. It offers a combination of comfort, style, and personalization that is hard to match. Any wearer of the Sherwani will find it very comfortable in any climate. The royal history of the Sherwani will continue to serve it as one of the most influential pieces of men’s wear in both hemispheres of the world.