Glamorous and Dressy Party Tops

Glamorous and Dressy Party Tops

Party tops are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to dressing for a party, these are the preferred upper wear garment of ladies everywhere. Party tops for women are essentially just shirts and tunics that have a more festive, dressy look, one that would be considered appropriate for a special occasion. They are different from casual wear, office wear or daily wear tops, which are usually quite plain and subtle in their look. The trend of wearing cute party tops might have started off in the west but is today prevalent the world over, in countries such as India and Sri Lanka as well. In fact there are many beautiful ethnic inspired or indo western party tops and dresses which have become a hit with women across the world.

There are many different types of dressy party tops for women to choose from. This includes a wide variety of garments such as shirts, tunics, tee shirts, blouses, razor backs, tank tops and much more; any of these can adapted into a fancy, dressy avatar. When women want to look dressy, party dresses are often the favored options because of their flattering, feminine and stylish look, but tops worn with leggings or trousers can also be an excellent choice if they are sufficiently fancy in their look. The main advantage of party tops is that they are comfortable and versatile as well as being stylish. Easy to wear and move around in, they are a great option for high energy parties where women are expected to dance and move around a lot. They can also be easily mixed and matched with different ensembles; by choosing the right pants (or skirts) and accessories, the entire look of the top can be completely transformed. The best party tops are those that combine this adaptability and comfort with a stylish silhouette and beautiful look.

Party tops can be differentiated on the basis of a number of factors. The silhouette, length, neckline and sleeve style can often be crucial to the over-all look of the top. Women can opt for cool and casual button down tops with open collars, fitted empire waist tunics with a deep v-neck, Mandarin collar and full sleeves tunics, belted tunics, or tunics with u-necks, key hole necks, sweet heart necks, bohemian style kaftan sleeves and much more. Designer party tops make often make use of inventive and unusual silhouettes such as a corset type cut or an anarkali cut which make the garment unique and one of a kind. On the other hand, dressy holiday party tops for winter seasons tend to have much more conservative and traditional cuts such as full sleeves and high necks to protect the wearer against the cold. Here, the style and beauty is brought in with the colors and designs on the outfit, as well as the types of fabrics used.

Fabrics are a major differentiating factor in the many types of party tops for women. From flattering, floating chiffon, georgette and crepe fabrics to smooth and lustrous silk and satin, from comfortable, soft cotton and linen to the affordable and modern rayon or polyester, the options are many. Women can even find stylish winter wear party tops made with wool and wool blends, as well as ornate and opulent bridal party tops (for the bride to wear at her bachelorette party or at the cocktail party) made of brocade, lace, tissue and other such fine and expensive materials. The kinds of designs and patterns used can vary from bright and vibrant prints to intricate embroidered and embellished motifs. Sometimes, embroideries such as resham, zari and ek taar and embellishments such as crystal work, beads work and sequins work are restricted to the border and neckline area, while at other times, it is scattered throughout the garment to create a more glamorous vibe for the party tops. The motifs created can include Indian designs such as flowers, fruits and birds, as well as western style shapes and animals.

Appeal of Dressy Party Tops

Party tops are an essential requirement all the year round. Parties and celebrations are always around the corner and women should always have a few staple party tops which they can mix and match with different garments to create stylish ensembles. Longer party tops look good with leggings and can even be paired with more Indian pants like dhoti pants and pyjamas, while the shorter ones should be matched up with jeans or skirts. They should also be accessorized with the right type of jewelry to create the perfect look. Tops with gold work should be paired with gold pendants and gold earrings while tops with crystals and beads work should be paired with crystal necklaces and dangle earrings.