Why Every Woman Adores A Designer Saree?

Why Every Woman Adores A Designer Saree?

The signature Indian dress, the sari, comes in a million different colors, patterns and varieties and of these the most magnificent looking are designer sarees. These exclusive garments are crafted by top designers and fashion houses according to the latest trends; in fact, sometimes the latest designer sarees themselves provide the inspiration for trends in Indian fashion that last for many years.

For many women, owning a designer sari is the ultimate in ethnic fashion and the best way to really stand out from the crowd. The best part about a designer sarees’ collection is that the options range from ornate and traditional to elegant and ultra-modern.

It  means there are clothes for varying age groups and fashion sensibilities. This is one of the reasons that one-of-a-kind, innovative designer saris are a much coveted item not just among Indian women but with customers across the world.

Though Indian fashion has caught the imagination of artists and designers the world over, when it comes to authentic and trendy designer sarees, India remains the top destination.

Haute. Innovative. Exclusive.

Though one can find many new designer sarees which are completely original innovations like the lehenga sarees, half and half sarees and pre-stitched saree, designers also take a lot of inspiration from traditional and regional handicrafts, textiles, embroideries and embellishments.

In a sense they seek to re-discover these ancient and often hidden techniques and often end up utilizing them in newer designs and patterns. Another attraction of this type of sari is that it is often very exquisitely and artistically designed, with both Indian and western patterns. A latest designer saree might be on the expensive side but the cost expenditure is justified because of the extreme lavishness and unique appeal of the garment.

georgette-net-saree peach-half-half-saree rani-pink-half-half-saree

Obviously, women prefer exclusive garments like designer sarees for wedding ceremonies, parties, glamorous soirees and other special occasions. This is the perfect Indian clothing with which to bring in the ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ element simultaneously.

For instance, wedding designer sarees can be multi-colored, as per the latest fashion, or in the classic evening wear shades like red or black. Both of these color options are rare with traditional sarees (where a single vibrant color is the norm).

In designer sarees, however, indo-western fusion is commonly seen, in terms of color as well as embellishment and design. Thus one can find regional work like Kundan, cut dana, gota patti, zari and booti alongside contemporary appliqué, stones, beads and sequins work.

Modern Mind & Traditional Take

Designer saris are made of the most luxurious materials, both traditional and modern. These are often painstakingly hand-woven with intricate designs and embellishments. Fabrics like Tussar silk, Banarasi silk, Dupion silk, muslin and Pashmina are often seen in traditional festive and bridal outfits; however, designer saris frequently use more delicate and beautiful materials like chiffon, georgette, net, velvet, satin, tissue and organza.

These trend-setting sarees may also utilize Indian fabrics like khadi and jute, which are not very well-known internationally but have their own appeal.

There are some cities that are considered the fashion capitals in India, the places where the most exclusive and beautiful Indian clothes are produced. Some are ancient centers of textile and cloth production, like Hyderabad, which have evolved into modern ethnic fashion hubs.

Designer sarees in Hyderabad tend to be deeply influence by the grandiose courtly Mughal fashions of the region, sporting a lot of intricate embroidery and glittering embellishments. One can also get many stunning designer sarees in Bangalore, a primary silk production centre in south India known for its beautiful gold thread woven fabrics. On the other hand the fabulous collections of designer sarees in Mumbai will display more glamorous designs inspired by Bollywood, which is located in this city.

Styling your designer sarees

Designer sarees can be worn for any high-glamour occasion with élan, provided the correct accessories and jewelry pieces are chosen. In matching up these garments, it is important to keep in mind the kinds of ornamentation on the saree itself. For instance, silver thread work should be paired with silver jewelry.

While beads work will match with pearl jewelry. Western embellishments like stones and sparkling sequins will go well with American diamonds jewelry as well as various multi-colored stone studded necklaces.

rani-pink-purple-sareepearl-studded-chandbali waist-key-ring

One can also accessorize using the blouse pattern. A very trendy look right now is to pair up a plain, unadorned saree made of a luxurious, beautifully draped material like chiffon or silk with a designer saree blouse covered with eye-catching patterns.

Such a pairing makes the blouse the centre of attention in the outfit, creating a very unique effect. Obviously the blouse has to be quite distinctive to pull off this look. Designer blouses are often woven with fine gold threads, embroidered with exquisite designs, decorated with glittering patterns and/or cut in a bold and daring way.