Compliments Are Guaranteed In These Designer Inspired Sherwanis

Compliments Are Guaranteed In These Designer Inspired Sherwanis

A designer sherwani is one of the most sought after Indian ethnic garments during the wedding season in India, across regions and religions. The sheer popularity of this garment has made it the most recognizable ethnic garment for men in the world. Different styles of sherwanis are worn for different occasions and are designed keeping those occasions in mind, with appropriate embroidery or designs. For instance, designer sherwani for dulha is an extremely elaborate and intricately designed garment that is meant to highlight the festivities of the traditional India.

These will be adorned with heavy embroidery or perhaps a heavy print that will cover most of the fabric. These sherwanis come in all colors though usually black is generally avoided at Indian weddings because it is considered inauspicious in Hindu culture. Since there are so many different occasions that a sherwani can be worn for, these garments are being created with contemporary aesthetics as well as with traditional embroidery or print styles. Thus, there are many varieties of gorgeous sherwani for people with different types of style sensibilities and different cultural backgrounds.

Hand Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Multicolor
Hand Embroidered Brocade Sherwani in Multicolor

A typical designer sherwani for men consists of a long kurta that reaches just below the knee. Contemporary designer sherwanis however, also reach all the way till the ankle as that is the latest trend in this garment that has been spotted on the runway. The mens kurta is usually paired with churidar pants on the bottom that are either in the same color of the outfit or in a complementary color that may match the print or the embroidery to create an interesting look.

At times, a men’s designer sherwani is accompanied by a stole that can be worn over one shoulder while other times, there is no stole. The style of the kurta can also come in different varieties. Some of these include bandhgalas, which are essentially high necks kurtas that are buttoned up till the collar. Other sherwanis have a standard collar that is in the shape of a U and, very rarely, a V.

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Brocade Sherwani in Golden and Maroon

A designer sherwani can be made of various fabrics or textiles, depending on the occasion that it is designed for. The most common fabric used is silk, which can be worn for the cocktail ceremony as well as the final wedding ceremony. Lighter fabrics such as cotton silk or even cotton are worn for mehendi ceremonies because these ceremonies take place during the day, usually in an open lawn, where the weather might be too hot for silk.

 Blue Velvet SherwaniEmbroidered Brocade Sherwani in BeigeJacquard Sherwani in Maroon and Golden

Other fabrics like velvet, georgette and linen are also used to create sherwanis; however, they are not as popular as silk. Different types of embroideries and prints can be added onto this garment such as brocade print, which looks especially elegant on silk, chikankari, paisley prints (which is considered to be extremely ethnic) and many more styles. No matter the designer, wedding sherwanis always have full sleeves, even when designed for the summer designer sherwani collection as this garment is at its aesthetic best with full sleeves.

Style Tips

When considering a designer sherwani for wedding wear, the styling must be absolutely perfect because the designer sherwani for groom will be the focal point during all the ceremonies, which means one cannot afford a single mistake. Many families, especially Punjabi families, choose to add a printed turban to the entire ensemble as this accessory is a symbol of respect and honor. Pink turbans are worn mostly by guests belonging to the immediate family, also as a sign of honor and respect.

On the main wedding day, the groom is also made to wear a shehera which is a special turban that has strings of flowers that cover the face of the groom. It is traditional to wear this item and it is not worn for the sake of accessorizing but because it is part of the overall marriage ritual. However, there are quite a few articles that can be worn in order to accessorize the designer men’s sherwani in a way that really complements the entire ensemble and wearer.

For men, a large part of accessorizing means choosing the right pair of footwear and this holds true for occasions when they are styling a designer sherwani as well. Indian shoes are worn with this garment because of the ethnic origin. These shoes are also known as juttis or mojari shoes, depending on the style chosen. These shoes are made of stiff fabrics and materials and are usually heavily embroidered (versions of these shoes for women also come with stone work or mirror work on them) and are, at first glance, highly simplistic, but when paired with this garment, they look extremely elegant.