Designer Blouses - Right Styles & Accessories

Designer Blouses - Right Styles & Accessories

The look of your saree is never complete without a perfect blouse. Designer blouses are known to add a finishing touch to the drape. Today, it is increasingly becoming a popular choice for those who want to achieve elegance and traditional beauty.

                                             Designer Blouse  saree-with-designer-blouse

It is one of the trendiest ethnic items right now since it presents an easy way to experiment with new fashions while still embracing Indian styles. What sets this type of saree blouse apart from the conventional, simple style blouse is the unique cut and plethora of design and pattern varieties available.

Modern designer blouse designs incorporate more daring cuts and bold patterns which adds a contemporary vibe to the saree and hence look great at parties as well as for casual events or for the office. This kind of versatility is what makes them especially appealing for women today who want to sport elegant ethnic wear like sarees on a daily basis but do not want to compromise on their style quotient.

Moreover, nowadays saree blouse designs are considered just as important as the saree itself. They are of course an essential part of the overall look in terms of structure, but they also work as a wonderful accessory, adding the right touch of class or glamour as needed.

Different Types of Blouse Styles to Choose From

Modern women find it easy and interesting to sport different types of blouses that reflect their personal fashion sensibilities. It is the perfect way to meld tradition with modernity. This increased importance of saree blouses is what has led to the emergence of designer items; these are often custom-made to perfectly fit the customer and can even be cut in a pattern that is most flattering for individual body types.

There are all types of cuts to choose from, from the sensual halter necks and off the shoulder pieces to the stylish sleeve-less or boat neck styles.

net-saree-blouse georgette-saree-2 boat-neck-blouse

Other styles include the tie-up neckline, backless blouses and noodle straps, perfectly complementing a plain saree with designer blouse. Indian saree blouses come with all types of necklines, from round and v-neck to keyhole and collar styles. The length of the sleeves can be chosen as per occasion and effect needed: while full-sleeve and three-fourth sleeves look good for formal occasions, sleeve-less or net sleeves will look great for parties and weddings.

The variations in saree blouse design also extend to color, pattern and fabric. Silk, georgette, crepe, chiffon and velvet are popular party-wear fabrics, while cotton and khadi are stylish casual options.

Designer blouse patterns often include one-of-a-kind embroideries stitched using intricate techniques like Cutdana, Kundan, Kantha, Gota Patti, Neemzari etc. They also come with sparkling embellishments like crystals, stones, mirrors or sequins. These luxurious items can be matched up with different sarees to instantly create a glamorous look.

Understanding the Appeal of Designer Blouses

One of the major trends in saree fashion is to go for contrasts in colors and patterns when it comes to the saree blouse. The ‘matching’ look is out and while complementing the saree is always a good idea, it is not necessary to exactly pair the color and pattern.

For instance, wearing a black or silver blouse with a plain red saree creates a dramatic and eye-catching effect while still looking chic and elegant. Similarly, embroidered sari blouses can be used to dress up plain saris while plain blouses can tone down the ornate glitter of a heavily embellished sari.

floral-printed-blouse bllouse

Another trend, inspired by the haute looks donned by vamps on television shows and celebrities on the red carpet, is to go for a daring designer blouse pattern to match a saree with an abstract print. This includes the ‘knot’ style blouses as well as sleeve-less or off-shoulder blouses.

These types of sensual modern-style blouses are highly fashionable and great examples of the way Indian outfits mix with modern trends to create something truly unforgettable.

High-end designer saree blouses are a must-have for formal occasions requiring heavy ethnic wear, such as weddings, ceremonies and festivals, though they can also create a splash at parties and other special occasions.

Pick the Right Accessories!

An important aspect of achieving the perfect look is choosing the right accessories to complement not just the saree but also the blouse. Stonework, kundan or pearl necklace sets are great choices with a sleeve-less or halter neck blouse as they add a whole lot of sophistication to the outfit.

kundan-set jbm1962 clutch

Oxidised jewelry also matches well with the casual saree look and will perfectly draw attention to the ‘fusion’ element of the designer blouse. You can match the blouse designs with handbags and shoes as well. For instance, silk blouses will match well with silk handbags while zari-work blouses can be matched with golden color clutches and sandals.