Stylish and Delicate Crochet Tunics

Crochet is a technique used to create fabric from thread using a special tool known as a crochet hook. Like knitting, the fabric is created by pulling loops of thread through other loops. This weave may be loose or tightly knit, as the designer chooses. Therefore, this craft has several individual stitches in its repertoire. A crochet tunic, as the name suggests, is the name given to a tunic like garment created using the crocheting technique. The length is similar to that of other tunics i.e. below the hips and halfway to the knees. Crochet tunics are a versatile Indo-Western garment that can be styled in a number of different patterns, colors and silhouettes, thus making it an extremely popular choice among younger women.

The motifs and designs that can be spun using the crochet technique are diverse and very delicate. A popular crochet tunic pattern is that of embellishing the neckline of an otherwise printed kurti or kurta. The body of the kurta can be decorated with a variety of different patterns such as floral motifs, mirror work, geometric or abstract prints or even paisleys, and the neckline has a tightly worked patch of crochet sowed on. The biggest reason for the popularity of these patterns is the gracefulness of this work in comparison to plain tunics that might otherwise lack spunk. Moreover, in case of plain tunics, this crochet patch adds more texture to the aesthetics, in just the right amount. Another type of embellishment seen with crochet is applying a crochet border to a Pakistani style kurta with a column-like silhouette. Women prefer wearing them with cigarette pants with crochet cuffs or with neutral colored leggings. The balance that crochet patterns add to a garment is what makes it attractive to a number of young women around the globe.

Crochet on garments is not limited to being a small part of the garment. In fact a crochet tunic top is one of the top grossing Indo-Western top wear attires in the country. Often worn with an undershirt or a spaghetti top, this tunic can be paired with just about any bottom wear, both ethnic and Western. Women wear them equally with jeans and jeggings as they do with leggings or salwar bottoms. Crochet tunics’ patterns are vast and varied and therefore well suited to a number of body shapes and types. For instance, off shoulder tops in this variety are excellent for women with prominent collar bones and shoulder bones while halter neck tunics are great for women who want to highlight their curves. On the other hand, butterfly sleeve crochet tunic tops are ideal for women with heavier upper arms. Kaftan style crochet tunic tops are excellent ethnic wear that women popularly pair with leggings or churidar in a contrasting color. Calf length, form-fitting lawn kurtas made fully in crochet are also very popular in India. They combine Western aesthetics with Indian silhouettes to create an elegant, graceful and breathtaking look. This makes it one of the most popular kurta styles in the current fashion scenario.

The crochet tunic dress is also a popular garment in the urban centers of the country. It is a sensual yet elegant outfit that is the preferred party wear item. Ideal for summers, they are generally preferred in light colors. White, off-white and beige are popular amongst most women, who like pairing these items with metallic accessories such as golden belts or even leather accessories. Among the many crochet tunic dress pattern types available, most women experiment with the style of the necklines, the length of the sleeves as well as the length of the tunic itself. Knee length tunic dresses in this type are as popular as the shorter varieties.

How to Style Crochet Tunic Tops?

Since crochet tops in neutral, light colors are more popular, earthiness and heaviness in the accessories is the ideal way to go. One can pair the kurta with a metal tone accessory like a gold clutch purse. Heavy metallic accessories are also ideal; however, embellishments in stones should be avoided. Gold hoop earrings are perfect while ethnic jewelry styles such as Polki earrings or Kundan necklaces aren’t the way to go.

Colorful crochet tunics can be enhanced with a few simple pieces of jewelry. For instance bead jewelry in single string or multiple strings improve the look of loosely woven crochet tops. Pearl necklaces also have a similar effect.

Another way to enhance the beauty of a crochet top is to go for strappy heels. In keeping with the delicate tone of the overall ensemble, strappy open toe sandals can really class up the overall look. Depending on the style of the bottoms, one can choose to wear small heels like kitten heels or five inch ones. Close-toe strappy heals are ideal for Indo Western dresses featuring crochet work.