Fabulous Contemporary Sarees

Fabulous Contemporary Sarees

Sarees have been worn for many centuries in India and surrounding countries. Women here have been donning this elegant, beautiful garment since the middle ages or perhaps even earlier, in some form or the other. One of the main reasons why the sari has survived the tide of times is that it is an extremely adaptable garment. As new rulers came and went, dynasties changed and geographical borders expanded and contracted, the saree grew in popularity amongst all classes of society. It also began to be worn in many diverse regions and became a staple garment everywhere. Many different varieties and types of the saree emerged, including regional as well luxurious varieties which were distinguished by their lovely designs, exquisite materials and unique embroidery.

This adaptable aspect of the saree has shown itself in the 21st century as well. The contemporary sarees that you can see today are vastly different from the beautiful, regional varieties mentioned earlier, but they are just as gorgeous and elegant. A contemporary saree can be sometimes hard to define or label, as it is essentially just a saree with a modern look. The modern aesthetic is vast and includes many different types of designs and patterns. From the popular western-style saris with abstract, artistic motifs, to glittering fancy party wear saree varieties and minimalistic work wear garments, many different choices can be found in any contemporary sarees online collection. In fact, there are many unusual styles of sarees that would be considered contemporary even though they make use of motifs and designs that are decidedly not modern. For instance, tribal print sarees have become immensely popular after the emergence of tribal prints as a trend in ethnic fashion. Though these sarees are certainly new in the market, the Warli and Madhubani designs they sport are in fact, intensely traditional. They have specific regional associations with tribes in Maharashtra and Bihar respectively, who have been practicing their art forms for many centuries.

Printed sarees are the most popular modern sarees. Besides the funky tribal art sarees, you can also find many beautiful garments with western style motifs of polka dots, abstract geometrical shapes and stylized animal or flower designs. Indian contemporary sarees often come printed with stylized religious motifs, graphics of various spiritual symbols and traditional designs. Such digital prints have a modern look even when they include classic Indian motifs. Cotton, faux silk and Tussar silk are the most popular materials used to make such printed sarees.

However, they are not the only varieties available. You can also find embroidery and embellishments pitched together to create dazzling, glamorous designer contemporary sarees. You can wear them for parties and special occasions. Such sarees make use of sequins and stones to create sparkling patterns across the saree or on the pallu. Fine, diaphanous materials such as net and tissue are often used to create these beautifully embellished sarees. Plain net sarees have also become extremely popular, as well as sensuous chiffon and georgette sarees. All these materials are considered quite modern. Sarees made of such pretty, light-weight fabrics are usually designed in a plain and simple manner, so as to highlight the material as opposed to the designs on it.

Many contemporary designer saree are very innovative in their structure and look. For instance, saree gowns combine the attractive gown silhouette with the drape of the elegant sari, creating a final garment that is uniquely indo-western. Dhoti sarees have a loose, dhoti-like structure at the bottom and a typical saree drape at the top. Even saree trousers and saree jeans have become a popular trend with designers.

Explore the World of Contemporary Sarees

When it comes to style and fashion, contemporary sarees are the best choice. These are usually the trendiest garments in the ethnic fashion market. There are many different varieties available, including options for work-wear, daily-wear, and party-wear and wedding-wear. For instance, crisp contemporary silk sarees with subtle and beautiful prints would be a good choice for a formal party or festival gathering. Such sarees should not be paired up with jewelry that is overtly ornate or traditional. It is best to stick to one or two pieces, such as a gold pendant, gold earrings or gold bangles.

The stylish and often glamorous designer sarees look great when paired with glamorous modern jewelry with an Indian twist. For instance, net sarees with sequins work will look great with dangling Polki earrings and/or a Kundan nath or nose-piece. The choice of blouse is also important. There are many contemporary saree blouse designs including daringly cut backless blouses, halter neck blouses and deep cut neck blouses, which will look great with party wear sarees. With work wear or everyday wear sarees, women can go for collar neck blouses and metal beaded necklaces.