Stunning Cocktail Dresses

Stunning Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dresses are one of the most fashionable garments worn by women today for formal and semi formal events or occasions. These dresses have a strong western appeal to them and derive their aesthetics such as cuts and styles from those seen on many international runways. These are immensely popular amongst women from different demographics though are worn most commonly by young women who are either in college or are working professionals. As these are available in a variety of styles, it can be argued that these garments can suit almost any body type, depending on the style of the garment itself.

Cheap cocktail dresses, unlike most designer cocktail dresses, are one of the most convenient versions of these garments as they don’t cost too much money and do not require very high maintenance, which means that they can be worn for semi-formal events or parties without women having to worry too much about the state of their dress at the end of the evening. Most cocktail dresses for women are extremely varied in styles though they tend to emulate the latest trends seen on the runway more often than not. Currently, these trends include maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, cut out dresses and even anarkali dresses. Anarkali dresses are different from Anarkali suits in the sense that they are not a form of salwar kameez but are proper full-length dresses with a tight bodice and flair under the empire waistline. Thus, they have the silhouette of an actual Anarkali without the pants underneath. This is an extremely interesting example of a garment that brings together western shapes and cuts along with traditional Indian aesthetics. This is immensely popular amongst women who love creating fusion in their wardrobe on most days.

However, in the Indian context, cocktail dresses for weddings are completely different from what one usually wears for parties. These are garments that fall under the category of Indian ethnic attire and are extremely traditional, though they may have a few contemporary touches here and there. One of the most popular garments worn during weddings for the cocktail ceremony (also known as the sangeet) is the lovely lehenga choli. This is made of the choli, which is similar to the western crop top in terms of the cut of the piece, and the lehenga skirt which is only slightly flared and reaches the ground. The entire piece is completed with the help of a matching dupatta. Men, on the other hand, tend to wear embroidered sherwanis for this ceremony. However, the kurta pajama is also a slightly popular cocktail dress for men. These two are one of the most commonly worn cocktail dresses for wedding scenarios. This is mostly because these garments tend to look the most opulent when it comes to weddings where it is customary to wear rich and heavy garments as opposed to lighter casual ones.

One of the best cocktail dresses is the backless cocktail dress because it looks absolutely beautiful when worn and the same goes for the halter cocktail dress. However, when it comes to choosing between garments created by designers or by stores, it is important to note that affordable cocktail dresses can also be beautiful cocktail dresses, which is why many women shouldn’t discriminate on the basis of the label at the back. The only difference is that a designer cocktail dress has more opulent cocktail dress designs, which definitely sets them apart from the local versions. When purchasing a women’s cocktail dress, one can choose from bridal cocktail dresses, monochromatic cocktail dresses and different colorful cocktail dresses, depending on the tastes and preferences of the person.

Styling Gorgeous Cocktail Dresses

When it comes to styling, cocktail dresses for men are extremely easy to style because there are a lot of accessories to choose from. Depending on the closeness to the bride or groom, most men pair their garments with a plain pink turban during the wedding ceremony as a sign of respect. However, for general styling, men can choose from juttis to mojaris to western leather shoes to go with their outfits. All of them have the potential to look great when paired well.

With cocktail dresses for girls, a fake braid known as a parandi is usually paired with the attire as it looks extremely pretty on little girls. This usually has golden baubles at its end or can have a whole bunch of ribbons. Bangles are always a classic touch.

With cocktail dresses for kids, it’s best not to overdo it with jewelry and makeup because they are, after all, just children and can look extremely dowdy when overdressed. Children’s footwear in the form of juttis is a great idea to complete the ethnic ensemble.