Chiffon Salwar Suit: Feel Light And Look Classy In Summers

Chiffon Salwar Suit: Feel Light And Look Classy In Summers

Chiffon salwar kameez are one of the most elegant and feminine garments for women in India. The soft and diaphanous beauty of chiffon, combined with the comfortable yet chic silhouette of salwar suit, creates a magical outfit that can be worn for any kind of special occasion, be it a party, wedding or ceremony. Chiffon is a thin, translucent fabric made of silk or nylon yarns that, despite its thin and flimsy look, is actually quite strong. Therefore it can be used to make the elegant plain chiffon salwar suits as well as the more ornate varieties for glitzy occasions.

The most appealing part about chiffon is the distinctly feminine grace which it lends to any wearer. A light-weight and flowing chiffon salwar suit present the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, creating a classy vibe while also being extremely easy to wear and comfortable on the skin. For more formal occasions, women might prefer a pure chiffon salwar suit i.e. one made of the purest chiffon, while for more informal or daily wear occasions a faux chiffon suit would be preferable. Sometimes, chiffon is also layered over other materials like satin, velvet, and silk to create a more regal and luxurious look for the outfit.

Chiffon is used to make all types of salwar kameez, from the classic straight cut salwar to the sophisticated a-line suit and the trendy Anarkali kameez. It adds an element of elegance to any of these cuts but particularly enhances the feminine and sensual look of the anarkali cut, especially when layered over some other body hugging material like satin.

Variety of Chiffon Suits

Chiffon salwar suit designs can vary depending on the look you desire. For instance, plain and unadorned salwar suits made of chiffon can look extremely classy and attractive because of the beauty of the material. It enhances the figure of the wearer while at the same time creating a soft and graceful look.

In fact, chiffon is such a beautiful material that even formal wear chiffon salwar suit designs tend to be on the less heavy side. The outfits for weddings often feature subtle embroidery and embellishments made with delicate beads work, light and sparkling sequins, intricate and colorful thread work, tiny stones designs and rich but thin velvet borders.

Teal Green Embroidered Chiffon Salwar Suit Black Printes A-Line Suit Embroidered Anarkali Suit

Printed chiffon salwar kameez are an extremely popular choice with women for office wear, because they look smart and chic without sacrificing the femininity and beauty of the woman. They come in a wide range of colors including bright popping hues like crimson red, soft pastel shades of green and neon colors like pink.

They can also come in monochrome shades of black, white, beige or cream and may have large borders in contrasting colors to add some vibrancy to the outfit. The prints can range from Indian prints like Batik, Madhubani and Warli to western style geometric shapes, waves and stripes. The latest chiffon salwar kameez designs include more funky prints like animal prints, animal motifs, nostalgia art and abstract stylizations.

Style Tips

Chiffon salwar suits are huge trend in India thanks to fashion updated Bollywood stars. They are also a frequent sight on fashion runways and are a staple in designer collections. They may come with stylish innovations in terms of the neckline and silhouette, which further add to the style factor. For instance, many designers are bringing back the vintage back-less design for salwar suit.

This type of backless design, tied with doris (strings), looks extremely gorgeous on a chiffon salwar suit and adds an element of ethnic sensuality. More modern designs like key hole necks, deep necks, spaghetti straps and halter necks may also be incorporated to add a more glamorous and modish vibe to the outfit.

Embroidered Chiffon Anarkali Suit in Pink Stone Studded Chain Earrings

Ultimately, which type of chiffon salwar kameez is chosen will depend on what the wearer prefers and what the occasion is for which they are needed. Styling and accessorizing can often become extremely important when wearing a chiffon salwar kameez, especially for a special occasion. Since many chiffon salwar suit tend to be plainer, they can be worn with more ornate jewelry to enhance the look. The type of jewelry would depend on the style of the suit.

For instance, with a black chiffon salwar suit decorated with silver thread work and crystal borders, women can opt for silver, pearl or diamonds jewelry. On the other hand, with a white chiffon salwar kameez decorated with gold thread work patterns and sporting zari borders, heavy gold jewelry would be a good addition. With more casual or daily wear chiffon salwar suits women should go with simple but beautiful silver pendants, pearl earrings and colorful bangles to create an understated yet stylish look.