Casual Salwar Kameez In Breezy Summer Fabrics

Casual Salwar Kameez In Breezy Summer Fabrics

In Indian fashion, there are three main garments for women: the saree, the salwar kameez and the lehenga choli. There are many variations of these three which are frequently worn for all kinds of special occasions, from weddings and ceremonies to parties and festivals. However, when it comes to casual wear, one garment dominates the market and that is the salwar kameez.

Casual salwar kameez are probably the single Indian clothing item with the largest customer base, including women of all ages and from all kinds of social, cultural and religious backgrounds. From young village girls going to school to a working professional at an urban office, casual salwar suits can be seen everywhere in India. In fact, more westernized variations can even be seen in other countries where Indian fashion has become a huge trend.

Embroidered Chanderi Silk Straight Suit in Fuchsia
Embroidered Chanderi Silk Straight Suit in Fuchsia

Casual wear salwar kameez are uniquely comfortable and versatile. Consisting of a long shirt (kameez), loose-fitting pants that taper towards the ankles (salwar) and a long scarf (dupatta), this outfit, in general, is considered very comfortable. It is loose and airy, providing excellent mobility and flexibility for women, and is also very easy to wear and manage. Moreover, it can be worn at all times of the year, as the designs and materials can easily be adapted to suit the climate. This kind of versatility is one of the reasons casual shalwar kameez are worn in almost every part of the Indian sub-continent.

The most common material used to make the casual salwar is cotton. This quintessential Indian fabric has been a staple in the Indian textile industry for many years and is particularly suitable for creating Indian clothes for casual wear.

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On the other hand, it can easily be dyed and printed which fits in with the colorful Indian ethos. Casual cotton salwar kameez come in all types of colors, prints and designs and can easily be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasions. From pale pastel shades to vibrant neon hues, from deep reds and blues to cool blues and greens, all types of hues are combined in casual cotton salwar kameez. Many indigenous Indian techniques like block printing, Batik, Madhubani, Warli, and Dubka are used to decorate these.

Style Tips

The best part about casual salwar suits is that they can look extremely stylish with the right accessories and can be easily styled in a way that fits is with individual fashion sensibilities. For instance, women who want to create a fashion-forward, funky look can opt for a printed salwar kameez with modern designs and pair it up with chunky oxidized jewelry and silver ear cuffs. Those who want a more traditional look can go in for embroidered salwar kameez with pretty motifs and designs, and wear it with simple Meenakari pendants and colorful glass bangles.

It is not just the accessories that can be utilized to play around with casual salwar kameez looks. The color and designs of the salwar kameez, and dupatta can also be chosen carefully to create a more fashionable look. A good example would be the new trend of incorporating color blocking into Indian outfits.

Thus a bright red salwar can be paired up with a powder blue kurta and a maroon dupatta, or a green kurta can be worn on top of a printed pink and blue salwar. Even the in-vogue neon colors can be easily incorporated into the casual salwar kameez look, in the form of neon pink dupattas or neon designs on the kurta or the salwar.