Look Bohemian In These Casual Tunics

Look Bohemian In These Casual Tunics

Bohemian tunics are one of the trendiest ways to dress this season as the bohemian style is extremely in vogue. A great way to combine flowy cuts with patterns that are quite mellow in nature, these garments are ideal for casual wear as well as semi-formal wear. A bohemian tunic is characterized by wide and loose cuts on the torso and sleeves.

In the Indian context, this garment can be described as a kaftan or a kaftan kurti because the two are cut in the same way. Although Kaftans are historically present in the form of a long robe-like garment that reaches the ankles, the recent innovations of the garment led to the birth of the Kaftan kurti, which is extremely popular amongst modern women in India.

Mostly worn in casual and semi-formal settings, bohemian tunic tops are largely preferred by younger working professionals as well as at nonworking women. Due to the changing tastes and preferences, as well as the emerging trends in the fashion world, there are many different types of bohemian tunic dresses available in the market. A more formal version of this top which would be more appropriate for a professional environment will typically have sober colors and muted patterns, along with either full, half or strappy sleeves with an overall cut that is usually more similar to a loose shirt.

Embroidered Georgette Tunic In Black
Embroidered Georgette Tunic In Black

For more casual occasions, such as a lunch with friends or a party in the evening, women tend to prefer lacy and more interesting versions of the top. Other popular versions include the bohemian tunic dress that can, as the name suggests, be worn as a dress or paired with an elegant pair of stockings to create an informal yet trendy look.

This look, in particular, has been seen quite a bit on the runway over the recent months. This garment is also known to imbibe the hippy sense of style into the overall designs to create a version that suits women with different styles or tastes. Similar to peasant tops, these can be found with an empire waistline as well as a regular fall that is a little flowy. The designs on these tops can also vary from simple floral prints to vivid Indian motifs and vibrant tie and dye patterns.

Bohemian style tunics can be worn by college going students as well as they are extremely comfortable and are preferred over other styles because they essentially make commuting easy while ensuring that the people wearing them look stylish. Similarly, for working professionals in their 20s as well as 30s, these tops help to create the perfect balance between lending a formal air while also making someone seem more approachable in the workspace.

Embroidered Georgette Asymmetric Tunic in Pastel Green Embroidered Georgette Tunic in Light Beige

Though these types of garments are worn in slightly casual professional environments such as advertising agencies and media firms, they are fairly popular garments as they can be worn over the weekends while enjoying a simple brunch or movie date with a few friends. These are some of the reasons why bohemian tunic tops are so popular.

Style Tips

Bohemian tunics are relatively easy to style. Depending on where they are being worn, women will find it extremely easy to pair them with the right types of accessories, bottoms, shoes and handbags. When wearing a bohemian tunic dress to a professional environment, this top can be paired with a well fitting pair of dark jeans or leggings. Pairing leggings with different kinds of tops are in fashion at the moment and this can also be applied to other types of kurtis and indo western tops as well. For professional environments, wearing high heeled shoes is also a good option. These can be either a sleek and elegant pair of stilettos or a comfortable and stylish pair of wedge heels. Either way, the two add height to you and make the whole ensemble look

Embroidered Cotton Asymmetric Tunic in WhiteEmbroidered Rayon Asymmetric Tunic in Blue and White

For professional environments, wearing high heeled shoes is also a good option. These can be either a sleek and elegant pair of stilettos or a comfortable and stylish pair of wedge heels. Either way, the two add height to you and make the whole ensemble look more chic. Furthermore, formal jewelry that is appropriate for the workplace, such as statement necklaces, elegant earrings, and rings, can be used to create a formal look that brings together an element of elegance into the entire bohemian ensemble. With the help of a Indian handbag that either matches or has a color blocking effect with the outfit, the look can be completed.

Plain Georgette Dhoti Style Tunic in Orange American Diamond Earring

Similarly, when wearing a bohemian tunic for a casual event such as a weekend dinner with a few friends or a day out with your family, the look can be styled in a way that emphasizes more on the fun factor rather than creating a serious effect. Flat V-shaped footwear such as flip flops or even heels in the form of high heels can look really great. Chunky street jewelry always looks great for casual events and can be found in a variety of colors to match the outfit.