Bright and Beautiful Beach Tunics

Bright and Beautiful Beach Tunics

Tunics are essentially long shirts that extend from the shoulders till the hips or below. They tend to have a somewhat loose fit. They are a very ancient piece of clothing as they were first worn hundreds of years ago by men in the Greek and Roman era. Since then, the usage and style of this garment has evolved tremendously and today, it is primarily worn by women for casual occasions. It is considered one of the trendiest types of western, upper wear garments and is particularly loved by the ladies for its versatility, comfort and effortless style. In fact, this is one of the reasons that make it ideal for casual occasions like beach festivals, which necessitates loose and carefree clothing.

Although beach wear fashion is rather underrated, it is an extremely fun aspect of fashion that encompasses every type of beach clothing. Beach tunics are amongst the most popular and commonly worn types of beach wear, loved by women of all ages. A beach tunic is distinguished by its loose and comfortable feel, airy, breezy silhouette and bright, summery look. The light-weight and adaptable nature of a tunic makes it a great option to wear at a beach, where women need something that is easy to change, and without too many hooks and buttons. This is precisely why the women’s beach tunic will mostly have a very simple silhouette and structure that makes it easy to wear and take off. They are designed to be light and simple enough to make the woman feel completely free and at ease, ready to enjoy a relaxing or exciting time at the beach, as per her wish.

Beach tunic tops can be of many different types and styles to suit the tastes of different women. Though the silhouette is quite loose and comfortable, there are plenty of different looks that can amaze any fashionista. A beach tunic dress, for instance, is a longer tunic that reaches till the knees and can be worn with leggings, capris or no pants, as per the comfort level of the lady. This is a very popular choice with those who want to go swimming or wear a swimming suit. You can wear a beach tunic dress as a single garment because it does not really need any bottoms as accompaniment. It can therefore be very easily taken on and off. Beach tunic dresses can come with long flared out sleeves to invoke a bohemian vibe, or they can be sleeve-less, with spaghetti straps, half-sleeves or three fourth sleeves. Typically, low and loose necklines like the deep v-cut, boat neck, u-neck, sweet-heart neck and key hole neck are utilized to keep the garment as comfortable as possible. Another popular type of beach tunic is the kaftan. This is a Middle Eastern inspired tunic in which the sleeves hang loose from the shoulders in feminine folds, while the body of the tunic is fitted to create a pleasing visual contrast. This garment really embraces all types of figures and is very comfortable to wear.

Women can opt for beach tunics and kaftans made of different types of summery fabrics. This includes the standard cotton and linen, which are preferred due to it breeziness and softness along with the light-weight and elegant chiffon, georgette and crepe. Women can also go for light, transparent beach tunics made with tissue, net or other such materials that allow the swimsuit worn below to be shown off.

In terms of designs and patterns, the variety is quite amazing. Women can opt for simple, minimalistic, western style beach tunics as well as bright and colorful ethnic inspired embroidered beach tunics. These come with subtle but beautiful embroidered work done along the borders and neckline to accentuate the beauty of the garment. Bold and vibrant ethnic prints are also commonly used to add to the bohemian vibe of beach tunics, especially ethnic versions such as kaftans.

Styling Beach Tunics

Beach tunics are one of those rare garments that never go out of style. They are an essential summer wear garment, which means that each new season brings in new varieties and types of designs. At the moment, the kaftan style tunics are extremely popular for beach wear, especially the floaty and feminine varieties made with thin, semi-translucent materials like georgette. Ethnic prints and designs are also quite trendy right now and should be ideally paired with open toed ethnic sandals called Kolhapuri chappals. The look can be completed with some colorful wooden necklaces and over-sized sunglasses, which enhance the bohemian vibe. In general, ethnic jewelry like beaded necklaces and silver bangles are a good addition to beach tunics.