Exciting Animal Print Tunic

Exciting Animal Print Tunic

An animal print tunic is, as the name suggests, a tunic that incorporates animal print into its design. This print can either be used on the entire body of the garment or it can be used on certain areas like the collars or the wrists instead. Most animal print tops (or bottoms for that matter) use leopard prints and zebra prints the most as these are the most popular styles of prints that can be used here. Though not as popular, the cheetah print and tiger print are also used on certain garments at times. Animal print tunic tops are mostly worn at night because that’s when the print looks its best, though it can be worn during the day as well. This mostly depends on the style and cut of the top that is being worn and the items that it is being paired with as that can create the difference between casual day wear and interesting night clothes. For night events, animal print dresses are also extremely interesting and create a great look. Most women love wearing body con dresses that have an animal print over them though maxi dresses that are loose and flowy with similar patterns are also quite popular in their own right.

When it comes to animal prints, women’s tops can come in different styles and cuts such as loose and long t-shirts, tunic tops, razor backs and crop tops. These look great on all women, depending on the style and the body type and are therefore one of the most popular types of garments in the market. One of the most interesting things about these tops is that just by changing the items that they are paired with, they can be turned from a chic day outfit to an elegant night outfit that can be worn for a fun party.

Another popular usage of this print comes in the form of the animal print tunic dress which is extremely interesting because it is essentially a long tunic that can be worn as a dress as opposed to a top. Thus, the entire ensemble looks like an interesting and different dress, which is great for women who like to stand out in the crowd with trendy attires that look extremely amazing. A lot of women also choose to wear this in a professional setting because it looks so great.

The beauty of the animal print tunic top lies in the fact that this top is not just restricted to one style, cut or print or a specific aura that it is meant to exude. It looks absolutely fantastic when worn with different garments and can be used to create a variety of different looks just by pairing them differently. Furthermore, these are extremely trendy and can be worn successfully by women from different age groups because such is their style. One can find a younger looking version of this print as well as a sobered down version just as easily.

Styling Animal Print Tunic Tops

Styling is one of the most important aspects of making an outfit come to life. It can create the difference between casual outfits to a formal outfit that is meant to be worn to a great event. Therefore, no matter what you are wearing, it’s all about the items you’re pairing.

When it comes to wearing animal print dresses, this item can be paired well with black platform shoes with a decent heel on them so that the dress itself can be highlighted well. Gold accessories look best with leopard print dresses while silver accessories look best with zebra print items. When wearing a maxi dress with one of these prints on them, women like to pair wither wedge heels or flip flops, depending on where the garment is being worn to. For a slightly edgy look, women can also pair an adorable hat with the entire ensemble.

On the other hand, with animal print tunic tops, women prefer pairing different colorful leggings with the top instead of regular jeans as they look quite interesting and let them create different looks each time the garment is worn. Street jewelry is the most appropriate for this attire. Interesting stone studded jewelry as well as beaded jewelry can look quite good with this kind of outfit. Both, flat V shaped shoes as well as high heeled shoes can look good with this and choosing one over the other is merely an aesthetic preference on the part of the person wearing the attire. To add some layers to the look, people can also add colorful stoles or other accessories such as jackets with the ensemble for it to look more interesting on the whole. Thus, these prints are highly versatile.