Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery represents an art of decorating fabric as well as other materials along with designs stitched in strand of yarn and thread with the help of needle. Some of the materials used in hand embroidery are metal strips, pearls, beads, quills as well as sequins.

Hand embroidery is a kind of special art that comprises of needlework and motifs. It is mainly an art of creativity that includes a mind of imagination as well as hands on practice. Today, hand embroidery has attracted people of both sexes throughout the world. Hand embroidery has become part of daily life clothing as well as decorating items of house.

This very ancient art of threadwork is a way of creating designs as well as pictures by making use of varied strands on a particular piece of fabric.

The art of hand embroidery is a resemblance of man’s natural admiration for beauty awakened by what he sees, feels as well experiences. There are varied types of hand embroidery, each one differing in its technique and designs, patterns created. Some of the most common types of hand embroidery includes cross stitch, canvas work, ribbon embroidery as well as black work embroidery.

Hand embroidery of Kutch is quite famous for its traditional hand embroidery. Women of Kutch make a string of embroidered articles during their leisure time. This kind of art has taken place under the rule of princely states. Hand embroidery of Kutch obtains a varied popularity in Indian along with foreign markets. It is a unique kind of hand embroidery involving rich and ethnic styles.

Some of exquisite patterns of Kutch hand embroidery are:-

Rabari Hand embroidery: Rabari women are mainly settled in postural Kutch. Rabari women are quite known for their gorgeous and impressive hand embroidery. Rabaris do make use of varied shapes of mirrors including triangular, round square and almond shaped.

Suf hand embroidery: This kind of embroidery is performed by Sodha Rajput and Harijan women. The women make use of satin thread by inserting the needle from behind the cloth as well as designs coming on the front side.