Fantastic Aari Work

Fantastic Aari Work

Aari work is a type of embroidery work that is created by stretching the fabric being used over a wooden frame. A hooked needle is then used to pierce the fabric and produce the embroidery throughout the body of the garment. The kind of stitch that is used to craft the embroidery is a chain stitch; however, here, the embroidery is created much faster than with the traditional chain stitch method, which does not incorporate a wooden frame. One of the main characteristics of this type of work is the fact that the embroidery is very delicate and intricate.

Aari embroidery is one of the many forms of embroideries that originated during the Mughal rule. Due to the source of origin, most of the motifs are those which are derived from nature, which were the dominant aesthetics used during this period. Flora based motifs include leaves, trees, creepers, vines and flowers, while fauna based motifs include birds and animals. Now, these motifs help distinguish aari embroidery designs from other contemporary forms of embroidery used in ethnic fashion. This form of embroidery certainly has a place in contemporary fashion as well, as it is one of the most lauded traditional techniques of India.

Aari work embroidery also uses beads and stones to create a glittering effect while designing. These stones and beads are strategically placed within the extensive web of embroidery to create an interesting look. However, in this form of embroidery, it is usually the thread work which is the hero of the garment with the stones providing a visual break here and there. Nevertheless, with or without stones, this is one of the most elaborately created forms of embroideries used in Indian ethnic fashion. It has certainly received due credit within the fashion industry.

Aari works are considered seasonal garments. This is mainly because this work is not limited to one particular type of fabric. As it can be done on silk, cotton, cotton silk, Chanderi, velvet, Tussar and many other fabrics, it is certainly a type of work that is considered appropriate for all seasons. Thus, women are seen wearing this work in the throes of summer as well as winter, as one can find it on warmer as well as cooler fabrics quite easily. This significantly raises its appeal for women across different geographical locations as well as demographics.

This form of embroidery can be used to create a variety of different outfits. Aari work designs for sarees are created in a way that allows the embroidery to be heavier on the pallu of the saree as well as the body. This is mainly because these are the two main focus points of the saree when worn. The blouse itself can be relatively plainer, or it can be adorned with the same style of embroidery work. The presence of the work on the blouse depends on how heavy the saree is meant to be.

Similarly, this work is also created for salwar kameez suits as well as anarkali suits. Hand embroidery aari work is used to create intricate designs all over the kurta as well as the dupatta of the same. In the case of an anarkali suit, this work is focused largely on the bodice as well as the border of the kurta, while also being scattered across the dupatta. Similarly, with salwar kameez sets, the embroidery is created across the body of the kurta but not on the salwar. It can or cannot be used on the dupatta as well, depending on the style of the garment.

Styling with Aari Work

Styling Aari work is something that should be done quite carefully. It is important to ensure that all elements of accessories contribute well to the overall design of the garment as opposed to taking away from it. One extremely easy way to ensure a stylish ensemble is to use Indian ethnic jewelry. Sets like Kundan sets and Meenakari sets are so versatile that they can be paired with this style of embroidery, along with many more styles. They will add just the right amount of glamour to the outfit. One can never go wrong with a good set of bangles as they always add a charming element to the ensemble.

Similarly, foot wear should also be given due consideration. Using footwear that comes with a ton of embellishments may not work out the way one may hope if the garment also uses a lot of stones or beads. Thus, sticking to slightly neutral shoes such as regular high heeled shoes that come with no added embellishments is a risk-free way to decorate the outfit well.