Semi Raglan Sleeve

The semi-raglan sleeve includes an armhole with curves setting in the mid of the shoulder seam. The most common raglan sleeve represents the intersection of shoulder and neckline. Its distinguishing slanting seam makes semi-raglan sleeve a unique one. This very kind of sleeve does have no seam at the defined shoulder. There isn’t any specific defining line of shoulder placement within the garment when the seam is placed in the manor. Semi-raglan sleeve is mostly found in women�s tops and tunics.

While regular sleeves range in length, both semi-raglan as well as raglan sleeves are designed in a half or three quarter length. Despite its length, such kind of sleeves appears fuller under the arm. Since the sleeve is crafted from a piece of material, a higher range of motion is afforded for those wearing it.

Semi-raglan sleeves look chic when it comes to women’s tops and tunics. Even athletic wear also makes use of this kind of sleeve for making a comfortable outfit while playing. In a more traditional manner, tops and tunics with semi-raglan sleeves are made in jersey materials. However, there are instances when tops and tunics are made of cotton and similar other fabrics. The sleeves offer a common affair when it comes to plus- size designs as well as maternity wear because they offer more space to the wearer.

The kind of semi-raglan sleeve is a famous starter sleeve for those who wish to learn to both sew and knit for this reason that it is quite easy for attaching to the main part of the outfit. However, it is less exciting when following a pattern for raglan sleeves, thereby leaving more room for error.

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