Scoop Neckline

The scoop neckline represents a kind of neckline found on an item of clothing like women’s tops, tunics, salwar kameez, saree blouses, lehenga choli etc. The garment depicting scoop neck presents a rounded neckline dipping down and revealing quite a few portions of the chest. While a standard top or tunics or other women’s garments posses a neckline that ends right at the base of the neck, a scoop top or other similar outfit has a neckline ending below the point.

Although the depth of the scoop neck may vary but the general shape of it remains in either one or two ways. The first one is a semi-circle while the other one is a U-shaped neckline. Both the styles are quite similar and can be seen on myriads of cloths, from tops, tunics, and gowns to traditional wear like salwar kameez, saree blouse and lehenga choli. Thus, such kind of neckline can be found on both men’s and women’s clothing.

While choosing a scoop neck top or other similar garment, it is crucial to consider the occasions for which it may be worn. Although it is acceptable in almost any job but working in a conservative environment may require a higher neckline. During hot temperatures, a lower neckline can prove to be a better option as it may feel less restricting.

Women who wear a scoop neck line do require wearing an appropriate bra beneath. If a neckline that is too high to medium, an everyday bra is often than not be acceptable. Coming over a lower or a U-shaped top, a scoop or plunge bra can work better without being any chance to be seen.

Wearing a necklace with the scoop neckline can prove to be a bit challenging. One thing to take into consideration is that while selecting a necklace, the very base of the chain or the pendant must not fall right on the neckline. Depending on the style of necklace, the chain or the pendant may fall on the shirt itself; it may quietly appear better falling above the neckline.

There are some outfits that have the tendency for not staying at one place so you have to test where the necklace will fall on the neckline thereby pulling the neckline both up and down as far as it can go as well as let it fall into one place.

Scoop neckline outfits like tops, tunics, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, saree blouses etc can prove to be a comfortable option for people who don’t wish to wear a neckline too high. You can lay your hands upon a plethora of choices for those who aren’t comfortable wearing a lower neckline. No matter what you choose, there are several options and styles which almost everyone can be happy with.

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