Trend of Puffed Sleeves

Trend of Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves are one of the oldest styles in the fashion world, even though they look like they are quite contemporary and modern. This style dates back to the 1830s when modern gowns worn by women had extremely wide, often square shaped, necklines along with highly puffed up sleeves that reached the elbow and sometimes the wrists. This style was especially popular when the tight bodice was introduced as the tightness of the top around the chest and stomach paired with the looseness of the sleeves created an interesting and striking visual imagery, making this style extremely well loved. The puffed sleeve was brought back into contemporary fashion in the 60s when looser garments were in style. At that time, puffed sleeves were seen mainly on western garments like blouses and dresses but today they are used in almost all types of women’s tops. Though they are not used too often in formal wear these days, they are still immensely popular in casual wear and are considered a very trendy type of cut.

Indian ethnic fashion has also drawn certain influences from this type of sleeves in one of its most commonly seen contemporary branches such as Indo western attire. Indo western fashion includes interesting tops, blouses or tunics as well as certain bottoms such as leggings and palazzo pants, which are widely worn by women today. The puffed sleeve blouse is fairly common and worn to create an extremely feminine look. These days, the sleeves themselves do not necessarily extend all the way till the elbow but are often incorporated into cap sleeve designs as well as half sleeved designs as well. A puffed sleeve dress is also one of the most commonly seen garments that incorporate this look. These are mostly used on sun dresses, again to create an extremely feminine and dainty look. Any kind of fabric can be used to create such a dress though some of the most commonly used fabrics are chiffon, georgette and cotton as they are extremely light. A few garments also have such sleeves constructed out of net or lace to create a slightly more luxurious and formal look. Puffed sleeve tops also include certain kinds of tunics. These are form fitting tops that are slightly long and extend until the middle of the thighs. They, out of all the other types of these garments, emulate the look of the original ball gowns the most and are also quite popular.

These kinds of sleeves are seen most commonly at a casual setting or even a semi formal setting where the dress code is not too strict. Women across various ages and demographics tend to wear them and they are usually spotted worn during the day as they are too casual for a night event. Depending on the style of the top, they can also be worn for professional settings too. This is why they are so well loved by women.

When it comes to puffed sleeves, pattern, motif and print can define the entire look. Certain patterns are concentrated only on the sleeves, leaving the bodice area bare while others do the opposite. Whichever the case may be, the goal is usually to highlight the beauty of the sleeves and the delicate feminine look that they tend to give out. A puffed sleeve top can thus be designed in many different ways, depending on the aesthetic creativity of the designer. The same holds true for puffed sleeves dresses as well as any other kind of garment with these types of sleeves.

Accessorizing with Puffed Sleeves

When wearing a puffed sleeves top the aura that is exuded is usually extremely feminine in nature, which is why women prefer wearing highly delicate forms of accessories in order to highlight this aspect. Delicate beaded jewelry including glass beaded jewelry can be used in order to make sure that it looks just that way. This can come in the form of interesting necklaces, rings, bracelets and even earrings and are available in a wide variety anywhere. Simple chains in gold and silver including floral patterned jewelry can also be worn with this type of look.

Footwear with matching motifs that come in form of flat V shaped footwear like flip flops and even summery wedge heels are great types of shoes to pair with the garments. With a dress, the wedge heels tend to look better while with a top and jeans while with the more casual colored leggings, flip flops look much better, though they can be worn the other way around as well without a problem. While considering handbags, western handbags such as slings and purses are the right choices to make which don’t hide the sleeves are a good choice.