Smart Notch Collar

Smart Notch Collar

A notched collar is a type of formal collar that usually sits on top of a row of buttons in a shirt, jacket, blazer or top. It is distinguished by lapels that rest on either side of the collar. They are either cut or notched. This cut out portion comes just below the collar portion that extends around the neck. The notched collar is considered as a very formal type of collar. Hence, it is frequently used in business and office wear clothing. However, that is not its sole purpose. Nowadays, designers have started experimenting with different combinations of formal and informal elements in clothing. You can thus see the notched collar being used even in tunics, blouses and dresses. In fact, even Indian designers have started using this unique collar design to create kurtis and kurtas.

The notch collar jacket is a western formal wear classic, but it has also become very trendy nowadays. Initially it was worn only by men, but over the years, it has become a common feature in jackets and coats for women. Typically, these are formal jackets and winter coats, though the notched collar design in informal jackets is not at all rare.

This type of neckline is ideal for formal situations because it looks very smart and is extremely comfortable. For women, it creates a very flattering silhouette and cut, as it leaves the collar bones bare, even while providing the modest coverage that is expected in formal situations. There are many different varieties of the notch collar jacket. Some use the overlapping placket design, while others utilize a simple, deep v-neck cut. The latter variety is a great choice for those who like to show-off the tunics or tops they are wearing below the jacket.

For both men and women, the notch collar shirt is a staple office-wear garment. It is comfortable, flattering and beautiful, while also being quite formal and office appropriate. It is also a very versatile piece of clothing, which you can that vigorously pair with skirts, trousers, cardigans, jackets and blazers to create different kinds of looks.

Another popular garment where this type of collar is used is the blouse. The notch collar blouse can refer to two distinct types of garments. One is the western style blouse with a feminine cut, meant for casual wear. The other is the sari blouse, which is a traditional Indian garment worn under the sari. Nowadays, you can find the notch collar design in both of these blouses. The contrast between the severity of a formal western collar and the traditional beauty of the sari creates a very edgy visual. This is why many high fashion designers have included this type of design in their saree collections. Bollywood fashion divas with a bolder and more experimental sense of style have also been spotted wearing notch collar saree blouses.

On the other end of the scale is the notch collar tunic. In western culture, it is worn as semi-formal attire for parties, dinners and low-key business gatherings. Indian kurtis and kurtas with the notch collar come in a plethora of different hues, designs and cuts. Some of the plain ones are even worn for casual occasions and in daily wear. Here, you have a slightly altered version of the notched collar. Though the cut lapel design is retained, the collar does not fit very tightly around the neck and hence is more comfortable and appropriate for casual occasions. Similar designs are used in the notch collar dress. This smart looking garment usually comes with subtle prints, muted colors and tailored fits. It’s a great choice for daily wear as well as parties, though the variety actually worn would generally depend on the occasion.

Styles and Trends in Notch Collar

The notch collar has always been a wardrobe favorite for high-powered executives, businessmen and businesswomen, especially for formal, business occasions. However, the trend nowadays is to use this particular collar style in more experimental ways. The collar is often paired with unusual silhouettes, colors and designs to create an interesting visual contrast. For instance, a pink notch collar coat effortlessly combines a feminine vibe with a classy, sophisticated look. It is the ideal winter investment for women with preppy fashion tastes.

Notch collar tops and tunics should be accessorized according to the occasion. A simple shirt in a subtle color meant for office wear sync well with small pendants. A dressy notch collar dress with sequins work can be paired with chunky gold or silver bracelets and/or stud earrings. You should avoid heavy necklaces and dangling earrings as they don’t pair well with the cut and look of the notched collar. Instead, women can opt for wrist jewelry like bangles or bracelets, and smaller neck and ear jewelry like pendants and studs.