Get a regal look with jewel neckline dresses

Jewel neckline is a kind of plain and basic neckline in round shape and reaches just above the collarbone. This neckline draws its name from display of piece of jewelry like pendant against the fabric so as to allure the attention of the onlooker to the jewelry and face. This kind of neckline can be found on saree blouses cholis, men’s shirts and women’s tunics.

Many a lot men’s shirts and women’s tops as well as tunics do feature jewel necklines. Not to forget, workout wears like bodysuits, cycling suits as well as muscle shirts have a common feature; they all have jewel neckline.

Jewel neckline owes similarity to the boat neck or bateau neckline that is yet another modest, rounded neckline; however, doesn’t cover the collarbone. The boat neck has taken its name from sailor’s uniforms as well as other nautical outfits having the same neckline. Quite sometimes, jewel necks are mistaken for crew necks that cover above the collarbone and are binded with an extra band of fabric or collar.

Yet another revealing version of jewel necks are known by the term scoop necks. They follow the same curved lines as the jewel in a similar fashion like jewel and boat necklines; however scoops into a dramatic dip above the cleavage.

Jewel neckline outfit looks best through adding some texture to otherwise plain neckline. Jewel neck tops form a good choice to pair with short skirts because they balance with the attire and restrict it from looking skimpy or otherwise to revealing. Wearing saree blouses and cholis with jewel necklines can also catch the attention of onlookers.

The jewel neck has become one of the top priority necklines that have been featured on modesty wedding gowns that are worn by brides married in churches or temples along with certain dress codes thereby in requirement of a high neckline.