Stylish and Glamorous Halter Blouses

Stylish and Glamorous Halter Blouses

A halter neck blouse is held up by a strap running around the neck, leaving the back, arms and the shoulders bare. A halter blouse is considered very sensuous and attractive because of its bold cut and the ample amount of skin it shows. The strap is usually attached to the front portion of the blouse or an extension of the neckline and may or may not be attached at the back. This kind of cut is typically used in western fashion and is definitely a very modern and western style. Nevertheless, it has today become an immensely popular cut for sari blouses, especially in urban sections of the country.

Saree blouses are an essential upper wear garment worn under sarees. They are typically well fitting and short, leaving the navel bare, as they are meant to be covered by the saree. However, the neckline and sleeves are left visible, which is why there are many different types of blouses available in the market. Modern cuts like the halter neck saree blouse were first seen on runways and in designer collections as part of the experimental and innovative saree styles of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. However, they gained mainstream popularity and wide spread adoration after they were prominently featured in movies and television shows. Halter blouses became a major style statement with on screen and off screen style divas and eventually, came to be accepted and even loved by the general public. When they came out, they were considered very bold and daring but today, halter neck blouses are much more commonly seen amongst women of all ages. Today, wearing a halter saree blouse might cause envy and admiration but won’t really shock or awe. It is a great way to add a touch of modernity, style and sensuality to an otherwise customary saree look.

The popularity of this modish garment means that there are many different types of halter neck blouse designs available in the market to cater to varied tastes of women. They can vary on the basis of a number of factors, from the neckline or the type of strap to the color, fabric and designs. The most commonly seen halter blouse pattern is the one in which a single strap attaches the corset like part of the blouse to the neck. The strap may be thicker or the neckline may be cut in different ways to create a distinct shape like a deep v-neck, round neck or the immensely popular sweet heart neckline. The neckline might also be a high collar one, the blouse itself extends all the way till the neck in place of a strap. This happens in a tapering shape and is attached to a collar. The shapes on the back might also be cut out into different shapes in a similar manner, but the backless design is the most popular.

Halter blouse designs can also vary on the basis of the types of straps. From ribbon tied halter blouses to string or dori tied halter blouses, there are many different looks women can opt for. Attractive and ethnic looking styles like the braided strap halter neck blouse or the beaded strap halter neck blouse have also become extremely popular. Designer halter neck blouse patterns also sometimes include thick, embroidered and embellished straps, which may or may not be an extension of the blouse itself. Halter neck blouse designs can also be very plain and simple, relying on the stylish cut and beautiful fit to create the visual appeal, rather than rich embellishments or intricate designs.

All kinds of materials can be used to make halter neck blouses, from soft cotton to lustrous silk and light-weight georgette. Typically, the material of the blouse is matched to the material of the saree, but certain fabrics like velvet and brocade can also be used to create statement halter neck blouses that can be matched with different types of sarees.

Styling and Trends in Halter Blouses

Women often take their cue on how to dress beautifully in ethnic clothing. The platforms are movies, television shows and fashion magazines. This is because Bollywood has a huge influence on ethnic fashion. Halter neck blouses are also considered a very glamorous and modern style inspired by actresses and fashionistas, which is why and how most women take inspiration from them wearing halter neck blouses. Trends such as pairing up floating chiffon, georgette, net or tissue sarees with well-fitting, bikini style halter neck blouses have a distinctly Bollywood origin. Halter neck blouses look great with more modern and stylish sarees, but can also be used to jazz up a traditionally embroidered or embellished saree, especially when the blouse itself is a bit more ornate in its look. The neckline of this type of blouse makes neck jewelry look awkward. Hence, most women opt for dazzling chandelier earrings or Polki earrings to complement them.