Button Tops For That Chic Factor. Do You Own These

Button Tops For That Chic Factor. Do You Own These

A buttontop is among the chicest outfits for a semi-formal occasion and event. Many women choose this top because of its elegant looks combined with a trendy vibe. The fact that a button front tunic can be worn with most formal and casual bottom wear, also adds to its appeal. Essentially, a button front tunic top has a placket with buttons down the front and in terms of length, goes below the hips.

The buttons on the plackets of these tops are as much about functionality as they are about styling the top. This is one of the biggest reasons for its vast popularity as many women find this simplistic embellishment a lot more sophisticated and stylish than others. There is no restriction on the fabric with which a button front tank top can be made or how its silhouette can be molded. For instance, tunic tops can be made of cotton, chiffon and georgette for the summer months and wool or cotton wool blend for the winter months.

Embroidered Georgette Top in Orange Embroidered Georgette Top in Orange Embroidered Georgette Top in Orange

Furthermore, there are as many button front tops in three-fourth sleeves, as there are in half-sleeves and sleeveless varieties. This versatility of button fronts is what makes them accessible and fashionable throughout the year. Moreover, the buttons are no hindrance to the range of prints and embroideries these tops can feature. For instance, ethnic prints such as floral motifs, faux zari embroidery, paisley prints and Kashida work, are only some of the many quintessentially Indian embellishments that can be worked onto such tops, along with suitable buttons. On the other hand, modern prints and decorations such as sequin work, Aztec prints, geometric patterns and abstract motifs are also equally popular among women.

In the button front category, designers and design houses aim to bring diversity in their productions by varying the size, shape, color and nature of the buttons being used. For instance, the color of the buttons used on the tunic may depend largely on the base color of the top as well as the color of the prints, if any. Women prefer those button front tops whose buttons stand out against the top but not in a garish way.

Plain Dupion Silk Top in Black

The type of the buttons being used, are not universal. While the vegetable ivory button is the most common, there are many other types that are more stylish and therefore, more preferred by women. For instance, metal, cloisonné, vitreous enamel, filigree and porcelain are only some of the many varieties of buttons used to decorate tank tops based on the creative vision of the designer.

Women, who prefer simple yet trendy embellishments on their top wear garments, go for these unusual options. There is variety in the way these buttons are stitched to the garment as well, which in turn lends a different look to the overall garment.

Embroidered Georgette Top in Grey Pintucks Cotton Silk Top in Teal Green

Size and shape are also important determining factors in the look of a button-front tunic top. On a top that is heavy on embroidery or prints, women prefer smaller inconspicuous buttons that add to the overall look instead of stealing focus. On the other hand, plain knit tops with buttons down the front feature bigger sized buttons in a stand-out shape, which is purchased by women for its overall unconventional quality. Many a time, the neckline of the top can also determine the size and shape of the button being used.

Style Tips

The length and shape of a button front top make fitted bottom wear an ideal match. For instance, leggings and fitted jeans complement button front tops perfectly. This is because the snug fit of the bottom, contrasts the loose fit of the top while the simplicity of the bottom wear garment is complemented by the embellishment of the top. Although, if the button front top is shapely and snug, one can also go for a Patiala pajama or other flared bottoms such as dhoti pants. The basic idea is to contrast the silhouettes of the top and bottom garments.

Plain Art Silk Top in GreenStone Studded Earring in Teal

When it comes to accessorizing a button front tank top, any garment that will hide the buttons (such as Indian scarves or shawls) should not be used. Instead, accessories such as ear studs can be used to cement the look. For instance, metal buttons can be complemented by the use of metallic jewelry pieces such as silver earrings or gold earrings, based on the color of the top and its embellishments. Chunky finger rings in precious gems and semi-precious stones are also great for accessorizing.

Ethnic front button tunic tops can also be set off with a bindi. It is advisable to choose a small sized bindi to seal the look. The shape of the bindi needn’t necessarily be circular, designer bindis work just as well.