Back Open Blouses: Summertime Statement For Sarees

Back Open Blouses: Summertime Statement For Sarees

India is a land of many gorgeous textiles, unique handicrafts, and pretty regional garments. Many of these have transcended their regional or geographical limitations and have today become a huge part of mainstream fashion, not just in India, but across the world. A good example would be the saree, a traditional garment of India that is today available in many modern, designer avatars.

In fact, one of the best things about Indian fashion today is that there is a lot of exciting fusion and innovation which has resulted in modern and updated versions of age-old classics that appeal to women with varying tastes. Designers have come up with new and inventive ways of wearing and styling a sari to make it suitable for the modern age and this is most evident in the new forms of saree blouses that have become popular in the market.

Trendiest Of Blouse Designs For Summer Parties

One of the trendiest types of sari blouses today are back open blouses which are essentially well-fitted upper wear garments that come with some portion of the fabric for the back cut out. This thus displays the back in a daring and bold manner and creates a very stylish look for the saree. Backless blouses were introduced about a decade ago by high fashion designers and were instantly embraced by glamorous fashionistas and saree lovers. In particular, several Indian actresses (on the small screen as well as in movies) picked up on and thus popularized this trend. In

In a matter of years, back open blouse designs have become a well-recognized and well-loved style amongst women of all ages. They are no longer considered shocking or innovative and are in fact now something of a staple.

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At the same time, the main appeal of the back open blouse still lies in its effortless combination of ethnic designs and sensuous and bold modern silhouettes. Women no longer have to choose between one and the other; both ethnic and modern styles can be easily combined in one outfit by wearing a daring design such as a back open blouse.

The back open blouse design essentially brings in a low cut at the back of the blouse. This type of design can be used on sari blouses as well the cholis that are worn with lehengas. Both are upper wear garments but serve a different purpose; with the saree, a blouse is more like an accessory or supporting garment, while with a lehenga choli the choli is as visible as the lehenga. Nevertheless, it is essential to both outfits. Back open blouse patterns can add an instantly glamorous, sensuous vibe to the simplest of outfits.

Varieties Of Designs

There are many different types of blouse back open designs for women to choose from. Some have a very deep v-cut that is often tied with strings or doris, to combine the ethnic element with the sensual one. The shape can differ from a u-shape, sweetheart shape, key-hole shape and boat shape to asymmetric shapes.

Sometimes, this design is combined with a sleeve-less or low neck pattern to create an even bolder look; at other times, the neckline and sleeves are kept high and full respectively to draw attention to the low back. Back open saree blouse designs need not always be bold in their look; they can also be more subtle, with a focus on creating eye-catching visual contrasts and silhouettes as opposed to simply exposing the skin. For instance, the cut back design has become extremely popular. In this, certain portions of the back part of the blouse are cut out to create interesting designs and shapes.

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The look of the backless blouse is also determined by the types of materials and colors used. For instance, designer backless blouses are often made of rich, heavily embroidered brocades and silk fabrics which create a lovely contrast with the openness of the back less design. In general, thick, embroidered and embellished fabrics are used very often to create back open blouses. In terms of colors and designs, women often go for intricate, delicate work on the blouse to draw attention to the unique design on it.

Back open blouses are extremely trendy right now. They are frequently seen on red carpets and in various movies and television shows and are definitely associated with a kind of Bollywood glamor. It is important to style them right in order to make the most of their look. They should be paired with contemporary sarees or designer sarees made of textiles with a good drape such as silk, georgette, and chiffon that have been draped in a manner which leaves the back visible.

In order to create a more balanced look, women should pair them with chunky statement jewelry such as chandelier earrings or crystal necklaces. It is important not to overwhelm the outfit but to keep the over-all look balanced.