Prints Galore: 5 Prints Shaping Indian Fashion This Spring 2023

Prints Galore: 5 Prints Shaping Indian Fashion This Spring 2023

As the season changes and vibrant blooms emerge, the world of Indian fashion is buzzing with captivating prints for Spring 2023. This year, it’s all about embracing bold prints that highlight India’s rich cultural heritage while giving them a modern twist. From intricate patterns to vibrant hues on fancy sarees, lehengas and many more, the fashion landscape is set to burst with vibrancy and creativity. Join us as we explore the fascinating prints that are shaping Indian fashion this spring.

Florals with a Modern Twist

Yes, florals are in for spring! A perennial favorite, this season they are getting a modern makeover. Get ready for oversized blooms, abstract interpretations, and unconventional color combinations. Florals are being used in interesting ways by designers, such as on traditional Nehru jackets, contemporary sarees, and ethnic wear. Embrace the vibrant beauty of nature with this bold and refreshing take on floral prints.

Style Notes: Opt for floral prints that have been re-imagined in abstract and artistic ways. This adds a touch of modernity and intrigue to your ensemble. Elevate your look with statement pieces like scarves, handbags, or even footwear in solid hues.

 Animal Kingdom

This spring, animal prints continue to reign supreme, taking the top spot in the fashion scene. From the leopard spots to the intricate patterns of peacock feathers, designers draw inspiration from the magnificent creatures that roam the country’s sanctuaries and national parks. Incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, and you are sure to make a fierce statement wherever you go.

Digital Printed Crepe Saree in Off White

Style Notes: Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional hues and exaggerated patterns. Remember to balance the boldness of the print with simple and complementary pieces, allowing the animal print to take center stage in your ensemble.

Timeless Charm of Polka Dots

Polka dots are making a fashionable and playful statement this spring season. From oversized and bold designs to subtle monochrome elegance, the versatility of this classic print knows no bounds. Whether you choose to embrace the upbeat and vibrant polka dots or opt for the elegance of monochrome, there are countless ways to incorporate this timeless pattern into your wardrobe. So get ready to embrace the polka dot trend and let it give your springtime wardrobe a dash of glitz, grace, and modernity.

Style Notes: Pair a blouse or top with small polka dots with a skirt or pants featuring larger polka dots. This creates an interesting and dynamic look. Keep the rest of your ensemble relatively simple.

Dynamic Stripes

This spring, stripe prints are making a strong impact in the realm of Indian fashion. Whether in subtle pastel hues or striking monochromatic contrasts, stripes effortlessly elevate any ensemble with their timeless allure. Although horizontal stripes have long been celebrated, this season’s designers are experimenting with vertical, diagonal, and asymmetrical stripes. These variations in stripe direction create a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing appearance, adding an unexpected twist to classic striped designs. Opt for these unconventional stripe patterns to bring a fresh and contemporary edge to your spring fashion choices.

Style Notes: Vertical stripes create the illusion of length, making you appear taller, while horizontal stripes can add width. Play with different stripe directions to flatter your body shape and create the desired visual effect.

Trendy Tie-Dye

Tie-dye prints are known for their kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from earthy tones to vibrant hues. This spring season, designers are using tie-dye prints to create attires that radiate a sense of joyful energy. From Tie and Dye Sarees to bold and contrasting color combinations, tie-dye prints bring a burst of color to your spring closet, adding a playful and captivating touch. Get ready to embrace the free-spirited allure of tie-dye prints and make a bold statement.

Style Notes: While styling tie-dye prints, keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the vibrant print be the focal point. Opt for neutral or solid-colored accessories. Balance the boldness of tie-dye with minimalist pieces to create a chic and balanced ensemble.


Let these alluring prints influence your style as the season unfolds and infuse your closet with vibrancy and personality. Embrace the patterns that speak to you, experiment with different combinations, and create your own unique fashion statement. With these bold trends shaping Indian fashion this spring, it’s time to step out with confidence and embrace the exquisiteness of prints.