Funky Wooden Beads Jewelry

Funky Wooden Beads Jewelry

Wood is one of the most useful substances in the world, but when it comes to fashion, many wrongly consider it boring or uninspiring. While it is true that wooden beads jewelry is generally low cost, it is no way a dull option for fashionable women. In fact, in countries like India, wooden beads jewelry has been produced for many centuries by tribal and rural artisans and the craft of creating them is considered an art in its own right. Wooden beads jewelry is more often than not hand crafted by an artist with an eye for precision and detailing. There are so many different colors and types available that women with widely varying tastes will definitely find something to their liking in a wooden beads jewelry collection. Wooden beads jewellery designs, especially those from India or those inspired by ethnic fashions, are so unique and beautiful that many consider them a form of wearable art.

Essentially, wooden beads jewelry is jewelry that is made using wood which has been shaped into ornamental spheres. The size of the beads can vary from tiny, pepper corn sized spheres to large walnut sized beads. The wooden beads can be utilized in a number of ways; they can be strung together, they can be used to decorate settings made with wood or other materials or a combination thereof. There are a number of different jewelry pieces that can be created in this way, including a wooden beads necklace set, a standalone wooden beads bracelet or wooden beads earrings; one can even find pendants, bangles, anklets and other such trending jewelry pieces made with wooden beads.

The look and feel of this type of jewelry depends entirely on the vision of the maker. Some of the most popular types of wooden beads jewelry in India include the ones that are painted with bright and beautiful colors. This provides a departure from the earthy, coarse appearance of wood and allows the jewelry makers to express their artistic vision through the jewelry. Tribal and rural artisans often go for bright shades of yellow, blue, red, green and purple, as well as white and black shades on to which multicolored designs are painted. Visually dynamic contrasts are often created in wooden beads jewelry by pairing up red and black, yellow and green, blue and white and other such interesting color combinations in one bead. It is not just plain colors but also designs which are decorated on to the beads, depicting motifs which are predominantly nature inspired: peacocks, fruits, flowers, trees, vines, animals and so on. Nowadays, wooden beads jewelry makers are also choosing to create more western designs and patterns to appeal to a wider customer base. There are also a lot of cute wooden beads for kids which are used to make easy to wear and comfortable jewelry for children of all ages to wear.

A lot of wooden beads necklace jewelry also focuses on creating pretty and attractive designs which highlight the beauty of the wooden beads themselves. In this type of jewelry, the deep and earthy wooden color is enhanced by giving it a polish and often, detailed designs are carved on to the beads themselves. This type of wooden beads necklace jewelry adds a very subtle but attractive touch of ethnic beauty to any outfit and can be worn with formal wear outfits as well. Women with classy, elegant tastes as well as those who have a laid back, bohemian vibe prefer to go for an unpainted, plain or carved wooden beads necklace, bracelet or earrings. Alternatively, both colorful and plain beads may be combined in one wooden beads bracelet or necklace set to create a funky visual contrast.

Typically, wooden beads jewelry is created with an almost invisible base of string or rope but sometimes, fine metallic chains, metallic settings and metallic beads may be added to create different types of necklaces. Typically, antique gold, antique silver, copper, brass and oxidized metals pair best with the earthiness of wood.

Styling Wooden Beads Jewelry

Wooden beads jewelry has, of late, become an extremely trendy type of jewelry especially amongst the younger generation of men and women. This is one of type of jewelry that can even be worn by men, especially the plain, un-painted versions which have a simple, coarse yet artistic look. Men often prefer to wear a wooden beads bracelet with their casual wear outfits such as a kurta pajama or shirt and jeans. For both men and women, wooden beads jewelry is a good match with bohemian, laid-back outfits with artistic prints and bright colors. Women can match the color of the wooden beads jewelry to the color of the prints and motifs on their tunic, salwar kameez or saree. A wooden beads necklace works especially well as a statement piece of jewelry with formal or party wear outfits, especially when it is in a color that complements or color blocks the dress itself.